Hokkaido University

Name of organization

Fujitsu Hokudai Research Laboratory Organization

Date of founding

June 1, 2022

Office location

The Global Research Center for Food & Medical Innovation, Hokkaido University
(Address: North 21, West 11, Kita-ku, Sapporo, 001-0021, Japan)
URL : https://www.fmi.hokudai.ac.jp/en/

Research subject

Study on habituation by converging of IT and cognitive science, psychology such as cognitive feeling

Contents of research

In order to realize a better society where everyone can be healthy and active, it is necessary to change one's behavior in a desirable way for individuals and society in various purposes such as health promotion and acquiring business skills. However, it is so difficult to change individual behavior and make it a habit by oneself. At this organization, we aim to establish induction technologies that can take the first step and become a habit easily by inducing and improving a sense of agency through approaches according to individual characteristics and cognitive feelings. In addition, we will search new research seeds.

Roles of both parties

Fujitsu Limited

Establish technologies that induce habituation based on behavioral data, and verify the effects in health promotion fields and various industries

Hokkaido University

Elucidate the principles and theories of behavior modification using cognitive feelings

Main members

Hokkaido University

  • Shigeru Taguchi (Director, Center for Human Nature, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience, Hokkaido University,
    Professor, Graduate School of Humanities and Human Sciences, Hokkaido University)

Fujitsu Limited

  • Takeshi Konno (Project Director, Converging Technologies Fundamental Project, Converging Technologies Laboratory, Fujitsu Research)

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