Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility FAQ

Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility FAQ

  1. What is Fujitsu management's stance on environmental issues and what initiatives has the company taken to promote environmental protection?

  The Fujitsu Group recognizes that environmental protection is a vitally important business issue. By utilizing our technological expertise in the IT industry and our creative talents, we seek to contribute to the promotion of sustainable development. In addition, while observing all environmental regulations in our business operations, we are actively pursuing environmental protection activities on our own initiative. Through our individual and collective actions, we will continuously strive to safeguard a rich natural environment for future generations.

Details regarding our environmental programs, activities and accomplishments are published in our annual Fujitsu Group Sustainability Data Book, as well as on our environment website.

  2. What is Fujitsu's position on privacy and the protection of personal data?

  Amid increasing public concern and regulatory initiatives in Japan and elsewhere regarding information security, the Fujitsu Group has set out a clear policy of maintaining confidentiality in our Code of Conduct. We have also devised and are strictly adhering to seven separate information management rules based on employment regulations, including rules for personal data management and third-party confidential information.

In regard to handling of personal data on Fujitsu Group websites, our privacy policy (which may vary to some extent in compliance with applicable laws and regulations) is clearly posted.

  3. In what ways does Fujitsu contribute to local communities or broader society?

  Fostering mutually beneficial relationships with the communities in which we do business as well as broader global society is a fundamental part of Fujitsu Way. Our long tradition of community involvement throughout the Fujitsu Group encompasses not only financial and in-kind support for worthy causes but active involvement in a variety of volunteer activities and community partnerships. Our primary areas of focus are in education and international exchange, environmental outreach, and community service.

Further information on Fujitsu social contribution activities may be found in our annual Fujitsu Group Sustainability Data Book, as well as on our community involvement website.

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