Management and Corporate Governance FAQ

Management and Corporate Governance FAQ

  1. Who is on the Fujitsu Limited Board of Directors?

  A list of all Board members is posted on our website.

  2. Who are Fujitsu Limited's senior managers?

  A list of all corporate executive officers and their principal positions is posted on our website.

  3. Does Fujitsu have a Board of Statutory Auditors?

  Yes, we have an Audit & Supervisory Board Members, which comprises five members, including three external Audit & Supervisory Board Members.

  4. What is Fujitsu's basic stance on corporate governance?

  As a resolution of the Board of Directors meeting held in December 2015, Fujitsu established the "Corporate Governance Policy'' to define the company's basic stance on corporate governance. This Policy has been deliberated and established to best fit the present company conditions; however, considering the objective of corporate governance—that is, to conduct a better management—the company strives for a continuous review for the Policy not being too rigid and not losing substance as well as discussions on the Policy in the Board of Directors Meeting from time to time to maintain the best corporate governance structure.

Corporate Governance Policy / Report

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