Corporate Information FAQ

Corporate Information

  1. When was Fujitsu established?

  The communications division of Fuji Electric (now Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.) was spun off to form the Fuji Tsushinki Manufacturing Corporation in June 1935. The name was changed in 1967 to Fujitsu Limited.

  2. Where is Fujitsu headquartered?

  Fujitsu Limited corporate headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan.

  3. What is the Fujitsu Group?

  The Fujitsu Group refers to Fujitsu Limited and its consolidated subsidiaries and affiliates throughout the world.

  4. What are Fujitsu's principal business activities?


  5. Where does Fujitsu do business?

  The Fujitsu Group does business throughout the world, backed by a global network of R&D, manufacturing, data center, sales and support operations. We draw upon our collective expertise and resources to provide world-class technology and platform products, while also taking advantage of a strong multinational presence to deliver locally optimized services and solutions. See here for links to our worldwide locations.

  6. How many employees are there in the Fujitsu Group?

  As of the end of the most recent fiscal year (March 31, 2020), there were 129,071 employees in the Fujitsu Group worldwide, of which 46,839 were located at operations outside Japan.

  7. What are Fujitsu Limited's principal subsidiaries and affiliates?

  As of the end of the most recent fiscal year (March 31, 2020), there were 391 consolidated subsidiaries and 25 equity-method affiliates in the Fujitsu Group. These included the following companies.

Consolidated Subsidiaries
JapanFDK Corporation
Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.
Fujitsu Frontech Limited
PFU Limited
Fujitsu Isotec Limited
Fujitsu IT Products Limited
Fujitsu FIP Corporation
Fujitsu FSAS Inc.
Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.
Fujitsu Telecom Networks Limited
Fujitsu Personal System Limited
Fujitsu Marketing Limited
Ridgelinez Limited
Fujitsu Broad Solution & Consulting Inc.
NWE(Northern & Western Europe)Fujitsu Services Holdings PLC
CEE(Central & Eastern Europe)Fujitsu Technology Solutions(Holding)B.V.
AmericasFujitsu America, Inc.
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.
Asia/OceaniaFujitsu Australia Limited
Equity-method Affiliates
JapanFujitsu General LimitedFujitsu Leasing Co., Ltd.
Socionext Inc.
Fujitsu Component Limited
Fujitsu Client Computing Limited
Fujitsu Electronics Inc.
Fujitsu Connected Technologies Limited

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