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FUJITSU ATM Series 100

  • ATM Fujitsu Serie 100ATM Fujitsu Serie 100
  • ATM Fujitsu Serie 100ATM Fujitsu Serie 100
  • ATM Fujitsu Serie 100ATM Fujitsu Serie 100

Fujitsu's new Series 100 ATM has arrived on the market, an ATM machine designed with a great deal of attention to both operations and security, as well as to its aesthetic aspect, incorporating the most advanced technologies so that customers of the Banks feel comfortable interacting with the machine and have a good experience

Fujitsu Spain has relied on its 40 years of experience and its close relationship with Japan to develop the new FUJITSU ATM Series 100; an ATM that incorporates innovative contactless technology and PalmSecure biometric access with currency-recycling ability and adapted to make payments from bank accounts, while minimizing electrical consumption.

Fujitsu launches a new ATM, the FUJITSU ATM Series 100, an ATM machine that offers improvements in user interaction and communication and a wide range of security solutions, and allows a high level of ATM image customization to facilitate the proper integration of this device with the corporate image of financial institutions.

Some novel aspects featured in this new ATM are the PalmSecure biometric identification, a Fujitsu solution that allows the user to be identified by reading the pattern of veins in the palm of the hand, thereby increasing security; or the incorporation of mobile applications like ATM access using contactless technology.

In addition to all the basic functionalities, such as cash dispensing, printing receipts, scanning, multimedia items or a touch screen among others, Fujitsu has taken into account physical aspects such as weight, energy saving and ecological footprint.

A vast world full of possibilities made available to all financial institutions by Fujitsu.

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