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LPe16000 / LPe16002 Fibre Channel cards

The new 16 Gb/s Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBA) for the PRIMERGY servers are optimal Fibre Channel HBAs for virtualized, cloud and mission critical deployments. The Fibre Channel HBA LPe16000/16002 take performance to a new level with PCIe 3.0 support, data integrity capabilities, cloud scale reliability, and ease of use. Organizations looking to improve performance, protect against data corruption, and simplify operations of FC SANs in cloud or high performance environments can benefit from deploying the LPe16000/16002.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Support for 16 Gb/s, 8 Gb/s & 4 Gb/s Fibre Channel devices
  • Provide superior performance for the enterprise
  • Comprehensive virtualization capabilities with support for N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) and Virtual Fabric
  • Integrate seamlessly into existing SANs
  • BlockGuard® ready - ensure end-to-end data integrity
  • Support IT server consolidation and energy conservation initiatives
  • Easy deployment of new firmware with minimal server reboots
  • Assure data availability and data integrity

Technical details

Controller SiliconEmulex XE201
TechnologyOptics: 16 Gb/s short wave lasers with LC type connectors
Connector typeLC-style
Bus transfer rate8GT/s
Standardsx› Current ANSI/IETF Standards: FC-PI-4; FC-PI-5; FC-FS-2 with amendment 1; FC-AL-2 with amendments 1 and 2;
FC-LS-2; FC-GS-6; FC-DA; FC-SP-2; FCP-4; FC-MJS; FC-SB-4; FC-SP; SPC-4; SBC-3; SSC-3; RFC4338
x› Legacy ANSI/IETF standards: FC-PH; FC-PH-2; FC-PH-3; FC-PI; FC-PI-2; FC-FS; FC-AL; FC-GS-2/3/4/5; FCP; FCP-2;
x› PCIe base spec 3.0
x› PCIe card electromechanical spec 3.0
x› Fibre Channel class 2 and 3
x› PHP hot plug-hot swap