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PRAID EP400i / EP420i

The 8 port Fujitsu PRAID EP400i sets new standards in the fields of speed and data security for internal server memories. With a data transfer of up to 12Gbit/s per port the PRIMEGY Modular RAID Controller family is extended to included the latest technology.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • 12Gbit/s SAS ports PCI Express® 3.0 x8
  • Connect up to 240 HDDs and SSDs
  • LSISAS3108 12Gbit/s RAID-on-Chip
  • RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 6 for more data security
  • 1GB / 2GB 1333MHz DDRIII cache memory
  • RAID spans 10, 50 and 60 for more data security
  • Optional Flash Backup Unit (FBU)
  • Optional SafeStore for PRAID EP420i for HDD encryption
  • For new Systems, versions with enhanced heatsink is available: E/L11, E/L12, E/L14
  • Ensures the integrity in case of power outage, Long-term, secure store of data and better serviceability compared to BBU
  • Safe data encryption and data safety for harddisks in case of removal

Technical details

Controller SiliconRoC (RAID on Chip) LSI SAS3108
Connector typeSSF-8087
Bus typePCIe 3.0
Key RAID Data Protection Feature- RAID levels 0, 1, 5 and 6
- RAID spans 10, 50 and 60
- Maximum number of spans is 8
- Online Capacity Expansion (OCE)
- Online RAID level Migration (RLM)
- Auto resume after loss of system power during array rebuild or reconstruction (RLM)
- Fast initialization for quick array setup
- Single controller multipathing (failover)
- Load Balancing
- Configurable stripe size up to 1MB
- Fast initialisation for quick array setup
- Check consistency for background data integrity - Make Data Consistent (MDC)
- Patrol read for media scanning and repairing
- Up to 64 logical drives per controller
- S.M.A.R.T support
- Global and dedicated Hot Spare with Revertible Hot Spare support
- Automatic rebuild
- Enclosure affinity
- Enclosure management
- SES (inband)
- SGPIO (outband)