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FUJITSU Software BS2000 OSD/BC V11.0

The operating system BS2000 OSD/BC is unrivaled in providing an available, scalable, high-performance platform for business-critical applications that is totally compatible across numerous versions. At the same time, with its open interfaces OSD/BC offers future-proof integration into modern application architectures. Efficiency, innovation, openness and continuity are the main BS2000 development goals.

In OSD/BC V11.0 the focus of development is placed on the following topics:
  • Improvements in high availability concept
  • Net-Storage interoperability with SAM files
  • Provision of encryption functionality
  • Extension of system limits
  • Support of hardware innovations
  • Improvements in manageability and performance

For server units /390 and x86 of SE servers, OSD/BC V11.0 is available as a part of the operating system package FUJITSU Software BS2000 OSD/XC V11.0.

Key features Benefits
  • Adaptions on Live Migration in I/O management and for files on Net-Storage
  • Identification of information about mirror disks
  • Rounding of Live Migration functionality on SE servers
  • Improved availability in case of storage failure
Enhanced storage integration
  • Net-Storage interoperability with SAM files
  • Exchange of text-based files between BS2000 and systems of the open world
  • Provision of cryptographic function in operating system BS2000
  • Enhanced availability of cryptographic function
Extension of system limits
  • Support of maximum memory size in SNAP
  • Extension of maximum size of SLEDFILES to 256 GB
  • Support of big files on home pubset
  • Extension of diagnostic function
  • Support of big files on all pubsets
Hardware innovations
  • Support of hard disks with 4k sectors
  • Net-Storage on Unified Storage of ETERNUS DX
  • Support of new hardware technology
  • Extended storage option for files on Net-Storage
Manageability and performance
  • Enhanced functions for administration of paging area
  • Measures to increase the performance in different components of BS2000
  • Increased usability
  • Increased throughput, particularly in data communication and on single commands
Openness and integration
  • New POSIX version A45 with functional enhancements
  • Enhanced use scenario

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