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FUJITSU Software BS2000 OSD/BC

BS2000 Operating System

Current versions: OSD/BC V11.0 and V10.0

OSD/BC is the mainframe operating system for BS2000 Business Servers of SE and S series and supports up to and including OSD/BC V10.0 also the SQ series. It is unrivaled in providing an available, scalable, high-performance platform for business-critical applications that is totally compatible across numerous versions. Simultaneous, OSD/BC with its open interfaces enables future-proof integration into modern application architectures.

The SE and the SQ Server will be delivered with the operating system package OSD/XC. OSD/XC comprises the operating system BS2000 OSD/BC and several system support software products.

For further information to SE Servers:
see operating system package OSD/XC V11.0 and OSD/XC V10.0.

For further information to SQ Servers:
see operating system package OSD/XC V10.

In addition to the basic configuration, the operating system BS2000 contains further components:

OSD/BC V11.0

OSD/BC V11.0 - the latest version of the BS2000 operating system to support the FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE and S-Series.

OSD/BC V10.0

OSD/BC V10.0 - The development and release of the FUJITSU software BS2000 OSD/BC V10.0 with a series of function enhancements took place parallel to the FUJITSU Server BS2000 SE series.