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Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat provides a sequence environment for Java code (servlets) that can be accessed via the Web, in other words it is a servlet container. It can also use the JSP compiler to convert Jasper Java server pages (static content such as HTML with embedded Java code) into servlets, which are then run.
It can also be used as a normal web server for static content, although the Apache web server is more suited to this purpose. Tomcat has two connectors: a HTTP connector and an AJP connector. The HTTP connector is used for direct access or for operations behind a web server proxy (e.g. Apache with mod_proxy). The AJP connector is used for efficient connection to a web server that itself supplies the static content.

Tomcat is supplied as TOMCAT with the BS2000 APACHE delivery unit.

Tomcat is available in the following versions in BS2000/OSD:
TOMCAT 5.5A00 - current version
TOMCAT (BS2000/OSD) 5.5A00 based on Open Source Version Tomcat 5.5.26. Tomcat can be used from APACHE (BS2000/OSD) Version 2.2A onwards.