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APACHE Web server on BS2000

A secure system structured to facilitate access to information in the form of hypertext and hypermedia links

Current version: V2.2 (part of the delivery unit BS2000/OSD-BC V9.0 or later)

APACHE Web server is a porting of the APACHE Software Foundation’s

APACHE httpd 2.2.29 World Wide Web server and also contains security-related patches. APACHE constitutes an secure information system and is structured in such a way as to facilitate ease of access to information in the form of hypertext and hypermedia links.
Access is based on the client/server principle using the HTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Text information is stored on the APACHE server in the form of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) files. In addition, any files can also be transferred over the net from the WWW server, CGI (Common Gateway Interface) programs can be started and user inputs processed.

APACHE can also transfer information in encrypted form on the basis of the SSL protocol and so make BS2000 server suitable for sensitive application areas. The SSL support is contained in the standard delivery. The payable product "interNet Security V1.3 (BS2000)” can drop consequently without replacement and is offered no longer.

In addition to the basic functionality of the web server, APACHE contains support for the scripting languages PHP 5.2.5 and Perl 5.8 and for Java Servlets and Java Server Pages. From the embedded PHP scripting engine, there exist SQL database interfaces to the SESAM/SQL and ORACLE databases. Based on the graphic library GD-lib the graphic formats JPEG and PNG are supported. In addition, APACHE features a WebDAV interface (Web-based document management). This version supports IPv6 (optional, requires “openNet Server” from Version 3.5).

This product includes software developed by the APACHE Software Foundation for use in the APACHE HTTP server project ( For further copyright notes see datasheet (PDF) in the right navigation.

Contact: openInternetServices Team