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Wireless Mouse Touch WI910

The Fujitsu Wireless Mouse Touch WI910 has a special touch sensitive surface that recognizes when your hand touches the mouse even before you move it. This provides nearly instantaneous wake-up from the intelligent energy saving sleep mode. Unbeatable responsiveness combines with features like switchable resolution, and three programmable buttons for a unique user experience.

Technical details

TechnologyOptical sensor 1000/1500/2000 dpi
Required interfaceFree USB port
WeightMouse : 71 g (without battery); Receiver: 1.3 g
Dimensions (W x D x H)68.3 x 105.2 x 38.4 mm
Mouse dimension (W x D x H)68.3 mm x 105.2 mm x 38.4 mm
Special featuresMode button (G button)
Resolution switch button
Mouse resets to the factory default settings by pressing G button for 3 seconds
Software for mouse programming and task bar access.
Eco mode LED indicator (125 RPS):
Blue flashes: 1 x = 1.000 dpi, 2 x = 1500 dpi, 3 x = 2000 dpi
Gaming mode LED indicator (500 RPS):
Purple flashes: 1 x =1.000 dpi, 2 x 1500 dpi, 3 x 2000 dpi
Drawing mode LED indicator (250 RPS):
Red flashes: 1 x = 1.000 dpi, 2 x 1500 dpi, 3 x 2000 dpi
Supported operating systemsWindows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista®
Windows® XP
Warranty period2 years