SAP on Linux - List of hardware released by Fujitsu

General notes and contacts

To run SAP applications on Fujitsu hardware, only the hardware listed below, in combination with the depicted Linux distributions, is released. If you want to run SAP applications

  • either on Fujitsu hardware not listed below, 
  • or in combination with other Linux distributions supported by Fujitsu, such as Oracle-Linux,

Please contact your Fujitsu hardware partner in the SAP LinuxLab by opening a message with the short text "SAP applications under Linux with Fujitsu Hardware" under the corresponding subcomponent of BC-OP-LNX-FTS or use the appropriate contact below:

Use this link as a starting point for interesting topics concerning Linux and Fujitsu hardware, like certified hardware and technical information. For any questions - especially concerning Sizing and Configuration - please contact the Global Fujitsu SAP Competence Center by Mail:

System installation notes

For notes regarding Linux versions suitable for SAP see, for help on Fujitsu specific installation issues see, enter your product and choose from the offered list of drivers and documentation. Boot disks, drivers and additional software are available at this location and on the ServerView Installation Manager (SVIM) DVD which accompanies any new PRIMERGY server.


As of 2011, SAP has released globally and generally Virtualization, if the used virtualization product is listed for use with SAP software in SAP Note# 1492000. For every Operating System certified there is a specific Virtualization Note, which is for Linux distributions Note# 1122387. Above that, you have to check for OS support of planned HW here.

  • KVM and XEN are regarded as part of the linux distribution's OS and are released automatically, if the distribution decides to do so. Please refer to SAP Notes 1522993 (Suse KVM), 1400911 (RedHat KVM) , 962334 (Suse Xen) and 1739625 (RedHat Xen).
  • VMware versions are released due to SAP Note# 1122387.  
  • Citrix XenServer has limited support due to SAP Note# 1519590.


Two different partitioning methods are available on PRIMEQUEST systems:

  • Physical Partitioning (PPAR):
    Divides hardware resources on the level of full system board(s) and IO-Units.
  • Extended Partitioning (EP):
    This is a function that further divides the hardware resources that have been divided using PPAR. Those partitions can be used independently as servers.

Both partitioning methods are supported for use with SAP software. More information about partitioning can be found here (Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST 3000 Series Enterprise Model General Description) and in SAP Note# 2111714. Please also check OS support here and in the HANA section below.

Certified SAP HANA Hardware

SAP Certified Appliances for SAP HANA
SAP has certified specific PRIMEQUEST & PRIMERGY servers for use as Appliance for SAP HANA. Some details about this certification and the list of servers can be found on the following SAP page (choose vendor Fujitsu to get an overview of all Fujitsu HANA appliances):

HANA Support for Entry Level Systems
Beside the certified appliances for SAP HANA, as of November 2014 SAP supports certain entry level systems for productive use with HANA. The list of supported systems can be found on the SAP page:

Released Fujitsu Servers for SAP on Linux

Please find the Fujitsu servers certified and released for SAP on Linux here:

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