Fujitsu Software BS2000 TASKDATE

Tool for setting the time environment

Current version: V21.0

The TASKDATE tool enables users to place programs in a self-defined time environment. This greatly simplifies and improves the testing of application software containing date-dependent procedures.

Typical uses include, for example:

  • Testing business transactions
  • Converting procedures to other accounting periods
  • Testing date- and time-dependent AVAS job nets

Production operation can continue without problems concurrently with the tests in offset time.

Once the desired time environment has been set, an offset, simulated time is supplied at the program interfaces for determining the current time. Optional parameters can be used to control for which of these interfaces the simulated time is to be supplied.

For batch jobs (ENTER jobs), the simulated time can be specified externally - with no need to modify the ENTER file. Each task can bequeath its simulated time environment to the follow-on jobs launched by it. This means that TASKDATE can be used to test entire job nets in a modified time environment.