Fujitsu Software BS2000 RFA

Remote File Access

Current version: V21.0

Using RFA (Remote File Access) it is possible for BS2000 users to access the databases of other BS2000 systems from their task. In this regard, it is irrelevant whether these systems run on a native basis on a server or as guest systems under VM2000.

Access can be effected via interfaces of the BS2000 data administration system (DVS), both via BS2000 commands and via program interfaces. Each task can establish an RFA connection with a maximum of 16 other systems. Prerequisite to this is that all the systems involved form a subset of a BCAM network.

The most important advantages of RFA for users:

Full functionality of the DVS for local data is also available for remote data in a simple way - without having to copy these data to the local system. The selection of the command COPY-FILE suffices to copy a file from one BS2000 system to another BS2000 system. It is no longer necessary to exchange data media or to perform a file transfer. The BS2000 file features are automatically maintained. SDF procedures can directly access the databases of other systems and thus also simply and reliably control cross-system jobs.