Fujitsu Software BS2000 IFG

Create screen formats for FHS application programs

Current version: V8.3

The Interactive Format Generator Fujitsu Software BS2000 IFG enables developers to create screen formats (masks) in interactive mode at a data display terminal. "Interactive" means the step-by-step generation or modification of a format (screen layout) directly on the screen, with the help of prompts from the IFG. This user-friendly guidance continues right through to the point where the finished format is stored in a format library. Depending on the developer’s level of familiarity with the system, they can dispense with some or all of the user prompts.

The benefits are:

  • The IFG create formats for application programs which use the BS2000 Format Handling System (FHS).
  • In order to facilitate the programming of FHS application programs, IFG can generate addressing aids for the following programming languages: Assembler, COBOL, RPG, Pascal, C/C++, FORTRAN, PL/I and DRIVE.
  • IFG is an application program which runs in interactive mode and uses the FHS for its user interface.
  • IFG supports UNICODE