Fujitsu Software BS2000 FOR1

Powerful development system used for FORTRAN-based productiv applications

Current version: V2.2

Fujitsu Software BS2000 FOR1 is a powerful development system for developing productive applications using the FORTRAN programming language:

  • The language set for FOR1 conforms to the following standards: ANSI X3.9-1978, DIN 66027-1980 and ISO 1539-1980. In order to support efficient program development, FOR1 offers a language set extended beyond the standard language set of FORTRAN77. 
  • FOR1 has powerful optimization functions at its disposal and offers a high degree of ease of use and testing. 
  • The compiler creates objects executable in XS addressing mode. It is shareable and generates shareable objects, when required. 
  • FOR1 is suitable both for solving individual problems and for putting large program systems into practice.
  • FOR1 supports the interactive symbolic debugging aid AID (Advanced Interactive Debugger).