Fujitsu Software BS2000 PCS

Distributes the work across BS2000 system resources for various categories and tasks according to user requirements.

Current version: V21.0

PCS distributes the work performed by the resources of a computer system amongst the various categories and tasks in accordance with user requirements (e.g. response time / throughput optimization).

This makes for:

  • efficient use of the configuration, even when the load is complex and varying,
  • automatic recognition of situations in which the operating behavior deviates from predefined criteria,
  • automatic initiation of measures to keep the operating behavior at its optimum.


Categorizing of loads (up to 16), according to their characteristics. Allocation of resources for:
  • service categories according to the system administrator's specifications,
  • graduated handling of categories in concurrent situations,
  • preferential task treatment in categories based on information priority.
  • Influencing the response time behavior by specifying dilation factors.

Transparency for the system administrator via SHOW command information on current service allocation and parameter sets used.