Fujitsu Software BS2000 DAB

Manages peripheral data caching to enhance I/O and applications performance

Current version: V21.0

Sophisticated, scalable and self-adaptive caching technologies are fundamental for performant, self-optimising E-Business-applications with guaranteed response-times (Business Critical Computing). Caches accelerate the reading and writing of data by factors. They are applied in networks, servers and disk subsystems. DAB is the BS2000-software for disk data caching in main memories or/and in Global Storages of BS2000-Servers.

The Disk Access Buffer (DAB)

  • manages the caching of peripheral data on high-speed semiconductor memories
  • buffers the data in intermediate storage (caching) with far shorter access times than those possible for external data storage (disk storage)
  • can use various types of storage media (such as main memory (MM) and global storage (GS)) as buffers
  • supports main memories up to 2 Tbytes and files up to 4 Tbytes.

The advantages of DAB are apparent in both sequential processing and in very localized random-access processing. DAB also provides write caching for significant performance gains in applications with high write rates.