Fujitsu Software BS2000 SDF-P

Expands the BS2000 command language to a high-level programming language

Current Version: V2.5

SDF-P expands the BS2000 command language to produce a programming language in which structured programming can be performed just as it is using high-level programming languages. Thus, it significantly improves the runtime security and maintainability of larger, more complex procedures. At the same time, it allows the user to generate smaller procedures quickly and easily. The syntax of the SDF- P language has been adapted to SDF syntax but is also oriented toward the familiar syntax of standard programming languages.

SDF-P is activated by a procedure call; it then reads in the entire procedure. The same applies to blocks in dialog (e.g. /FOR, .../END-FOR). The interpreter executes the control flow commands and forwards other commands to BS2000. Thus, SDF-P represents a filter between the input and the rest of the BS2000 system.

SDF-P contains a variable handler that stores the data in the Class 5 memory or in job variables. S variables can be assigned contents. An expression evaluator and various built-in functions are available for processing the contents of S variables and can also serve to obtain environmental data and be used in any commands through variable substitution.

SDF-P procedures can be converted into an interim format before execution. The procedures compiled in this way can then also be executed in installations in which SDF-P is not loaded. This guarantees that they can be freely swapped between BS2000 installations in the same way as the old non-S procedures.