Fujitsu Software BS2000 SDF-A

Permits individual processing of command syntax files

Current version: V21.0

SDF-A (System Dialog Facility - Administration) is an administration program which, as a supplement to the BS2000 system component SDF, permits individual processing of command syntax files.
This enables the user interfaces of both the standard SDF command language and the products operating with SDF syntax to be designed to suit the individual requirements of either the data centre or user.
SDF-A also permits SDF methods and functions to be used for customers’ own programs, for which corresponding syntax files can also be created.

The benefits are:

  • Change the language interface (similar to message files).
  • Change preset default values for command/statement operands.
  • Set up user (group) related authorizations.
  • Supplement data centre- or user-specific commands/statements (implemented via procedures).
  • Customers writing their own programs and using SDF-A for program statements achieve productivity gains and reduce complexity.