Data transmission with openFT - Security is the top priority


Enterprise File Transfer

Current version: V12.1

Security during data transmission is a main concern for IT managers: How can a typical file transfer be upgraded to a managed file transfer that is worthy of being called a secure file transfer – and which also supports the FTAM protocol, for example in the banking sector or for public administration in areas such as motor vehicle registration, customs duties or central address registries? The answer is provided by openFT, the enterprise file transfer product family from Fujitsu.

Security level 1

Reliable data transmission processes determine the success of enterprises and institutions. That is why the exchange of data must take place with absolute security – both internally as well as externally when dealing with customers and business partners. According to analyses some 80 percent of all data exchange processes involve files that are transferred back and forth. In environments with business-critical applications this means that file transfer solutions must meet very high demands. Enterprises that deploy openFT in their managed file transfer environments can be sure of achieving Security Level 1.

Automated. Low in cost. Secure.

openFT is a high-performance solution for complex heterogeneous IT organizations. This software is easy to install and features easy administration that has been proven in real-world applications. Files are automatically transferred with openFT – with full security thanks to data encryption. And once it is deployed, openFT makes a major contribution to reducing the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
The outstanding features and advantages of openFT in brief:

  • openFT features easy installation and administration
  • openFT transfers files automatically
  • openFT ensures secure file transfer through encryption
  • openFT maximizes the transparency of all processes
  • openFT reduces TCO
  • openFT ensures that processes can be audited

Ideal for enterprises and public institutions with business-critical data

openFT supports extremely reliable data transmission processes and protects sensitive data against unauthorized access. This is an important advantage especially for enterprises and public authorities that handle huge volumes of business-critical data. The application scenarios for openFT cover a wide range of usages in dynamic infrastructures. And openFT is also a tried and tested solution for any number of application integration projects. In more than 100,000 server installations openFT demonstrates its performance and reliability under extremely high loads every day.

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