Data Center Management and Automation

IT infrastructures keep evolving: the evolution of virtualization, energy efficiency and monitoring, computing power per square foot, cloud computing, computing fabrics, more applications, high speed networks and data need to be secure and managed to fulfill the requested service levels. To enhance data center efficiency, IT infrastructures need to be automated.

Of equal importance is it to standardize and automate data center processes, to benchmark and streamline current data center management solutions with regards to efficiency and business output.

Fujitsu Data Center Management and Automation boosts efficiency and reduces costs in data center operations. Fujitsu developed a comprehensive reference architecture that brings together the monitoring of infrastructure, applications, end user services, performance, security aspects, billing, capacity, resource planning, integration and process automation. Our offering includes products and solutions, services, maintenance and consulting as well as a standardized software and solution stack.

Our comprehensive data center management and automation offering of AIOps, ITOM and DCIM solutions can be utilized for heterogeneous system landscapes. We support you in finding the most beneficial solutions for you. Our broad expertise made available as how-to-descriptions, best practices, blue prints and preconfigured solutions ensure cost-efficient implementations with short time-to-production.


Technical Appendices Software Support

We leverage our experience in how to’s, best practices, blueprints and solutions to make sure that our customers benefit from our learnings and experiences with easily customizable solutions and accelerated implementations
Portfolio and Solutions
Our Data Center Management and Automation offering comprises solutions and tools needed to automate and manage Business Service Management, the provisioning, capacity, performance and availability of the computing, networking and application environments. The Fujitsu ManageNow® solutions are part of our Data Center Management & Automation. Our standardized solution stack includes products from Fujitsu and technology partners.
Our services cover the whole value chain of consult, design, build, operate and maintain and include optimization services in addition.
We provide hands on experience of Fujitsu Data Center Management and Automation in our Munich DemoCenter.