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The FUJITSU ESPRIMO family offers you a complete range of fully featured and highly expandable PCs that you can rely on to run the office applications of today and tomorrow. Best-in-class Fujitsu development and outstanding production quality ensures superior reliability. Power supplies with world-class power efficiency to lower your energy bill and reduce your environmental footprint. In fact, devices with up to 94% efficient power supply technology reduce energy costs by up to 40% compared to a 4-year old PC. With individual configuration options and the unique DeskView Load pre-installation solution, FUJITSU ESPRIMO Desktops help you reduce deployment costs and flexibly manage each system for years to come.

All-Round Desktops

Advanced Desktops

Superior Desktops

7th Generation systems

  • All-Round

    Superior Destops
    FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO D556/2/E90+FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO D556/2/E85+FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO K557/24FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO P557/powerFUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO P557/E90+FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO P557/E85+FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO Q556/2
  • Advanced

    Advanced Destops
    FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO P757/E94+FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO P757/E90+FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO P757/E85+
  • Superior

    Allround Destops
    FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO P957/powerFUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO P957/E94+FUJITSU Desktop ESPRIMO P957/E90+empty


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