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Software Downloads for Pentium M Motherboard

Device Drivers and BIOS

Use the table below to select which device driver you wish to download. Note: the A12/D12 designations listed below represent the Fujitsu Analog and Digital 12.1" Touch Panels. The D-15 designation represents the Fujitsu 15" Touch Panel.

Device Filename Version Release
XP / 2000
-- 06/2012
1AMBD044 04/05/2007
Video Video Driver Update Documentation
IEGD.4.0 04/05/2007
IEGD.4.0 04/05/2007
IEGD.4.0 04/05/2007
IEGD.4.0 04/05/2007
IEGD.4.0 04/05/2007
IEGD.4.0 04/05/2007
IEGD.4.0 04/05/2007
A3.37.1 08/27/2004
Touch (A12/D12)
1.0L19 (Opt 1)* 01/21/2004
1.0L19 (Opt 2)* 01/21/2004
1.0L19 (Opt 3)* 01/21/2004
Touch (D-15)
7.12.1 09/04/2007
Chipset * Not needed
for XP Pro SP2
5.00.1012 08/27/2004

* The touch driver for the Fujitsu. A12 & D12 displays listed above has three options for installation when using a dual display configuration. These options allow the installer to control the manner in which the touch panels operate. If only one display is being used, any option may be downloaded. The touch options are:

a. Option 1 - The second touched panel is given priority.
b. Option 2 - The primary Panel is given priority.
c. Option 3 - No priority is given.

Installation Instructions
To assist with the installation of the drivers on the TeamPoS 2000 POS controller, installation instructions have been prepared in pdf format. Please click on the appropriate file to download the instructions required. To download files, right click on the file name and select "Save target as."

Operating System Device Filename
Windows 2000 Installation Instructions w2kdriversetup.pdf

Windows XP Installation Instructions xpdriversetup.pdf

Windows 2000/XP Touch (A12/D12) Instructions w2kxptouch.pdf