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ScanSnap Manager for Mac

Fujitsu has posted this "ScanSnap for Mac" compatible driver in order to enable Mac OS users to scan with ScanSnap S300M / S510M / S500M / fi-5110EOXM scanners.

System Requirements

OS Mac OS X v10.5
Mac OS X v10.4
Mac OS X v10.3
Mac OS X v10.2.8
Supported Macs Intel® CPU Mac Pro
Mac mini
MacBook Pro
PowerPC® Power Mac G4
Power Mac G5
iMac G4
iMac G5
eMac G4
PowerBook G4
iBook G4
Mac Mini
CPU Intel® CPU Intel® Core™ Solo or Core™ Duo Processor
Recommended: Intel Core™ Duo Processor 1.83GHz or higher
PowerPC® PowerPC® G4 800MHz or higher
Recommended: PowerPC® G5 1.6GHz or higher (ScanSnap S510M / S500M / fi-5110EOXM)
Memory Capacity 128MB or more (Recommended: 512MB or more, or 1GB or more for Mac OS X v10.5)
Disk Capacity Spare capacity of at least 40MB is necessary for installation

Operating Procedures

  1. Shut down any applications that you are using.
  2. Download ScanSnap Manager for Mac (ScanSnap_V22L11.dmg) onto your hard drive and activate the "ScanSnap_V22L11.dmg".


ScanSnap Manager for Mac (ScanSnap S300M / S510M / S500M / fi-5110EOXM Driver)
Since users are required to accept the terms declared in the software license agreement prior to downloading this software, please read "terms of the Software license agreement" beforehand.

[Download]ScanSnap Manager for Mac ScanSnap_V22L11.dmg (27.8MB)


How the latest version differs from the previous version (V2.1L11)

  1. A profile function has been added.
  2. Supports German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Traditional), Korean and Russian.

Note: Please refer to README for the other notice.

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