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SNMP (BS2000)

Support the economic and effective management of BS2000 systems in an enterprise network.

For large networked IT structures to run efficiently and cost-effectively, it is necessary to set up an integrated management system which can handle the administration of systems, components and applications, as well as pure network management. Standards for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) and the related architecture are especially suited to form the basis of such a management system.

SNMP agent

The following products support the integration of BS2000 in any existing management platforms e.g. Unicenter:
  • SNMP-Basic-Agent (primarily responsible for handling the SNMP protocol), 
  • SNMP-Standard-Collection in BS2000 (implements the SNMP connection to job scheduling system AVAS , file transfer product openFT , print management system ( SPOOL and RSO ), storage management, control system OMNIS , database system SESAM/SQL , availability facility cluster HIPLEX and basic values on CPU and I/O), 
  • SNMP-Subagentfor openUTM (transaction monitor), 
  • SNMP-Subagent for openSM2 (system performance monitor), 
  • SNMP subagents contained in DCAM resp. openNet Server for MIB II and BCAM, 
  • SNMP agent contained in HNC (channel adapter for connecting Ethernet and Gigabit-Ethernet networks to BS2000).