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Enabling in BS2000 a terminal to interwork concurrently with multiple communication partners

Current version: V8.5

OMNIS enables a terminal to interwork concurrently with multiple communication partners which can be any user applications (openUTM , DCAM), system application $DIALOG (timesharing processing, TIAM), $CONSOLE (system operating, UCON.). Hence the following main uses:

  • Central remote operating for BS2000 computers OMNIS permits the administration of a large number of BS2000 computers from a single terminal. This terminal communicates with the $CONSOLE or $VMCONS system applications of all the connected computers at the same time, receiving console messages from each system or sending commands to each computer.
  • Functionally distributed operating OMNIS can also distribute the console messages received from the various systems among a number of terminals according to operator functions (spool, device, data communication and system consoles).
  • Program development; remote dialog OMNIS allows a number of local or remote dialog tasks to be initiated simultaneously, a feature that can be used at the program development level to test multitask systems. 
  • DB/DC administration A centralized openUTM (DB) administration can be achieved by setting up connections to a number of UTM applications or databases. 
  • Dialog control for more than one (openUTM) application Communication with a number of applications in turn is now made much easier by OMNIS, which sets up and clears down the relevant connections and presents the user with simple switchover options. The use of the software product OMNIS-MENU, whose menu-driven user interface requires no detailed knowledge of OMNIS, is even more convenient, particularly when the operator has no IT training.