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An enhancement for event-controlled monitor and analysis programs used to analyze performance problems

The BS2000 product COSMOS is integrated in the order unit openSM2.
COSMOS is an event-controlled monitor that can only run under the user ID with the SWMONADM privilege. COSMOS collects detailed monitored data for all tasks, for task groups (selection optionally by USERID, category or job name) or for individual tasks. COSMOS should be regarded as an enhancement to the openSM2 System Performance Monitor. It should only be used if the level of detail of the openSM2 monitored data is insufficient to analyze the performance problems.

Because of its highly detailed measurement values, combined with high volumes of data, COSMOS is meant for brief periods of monitoring. Interpreting the measurement values calls for a good knowledge of internal system processes.

COSMOS processes the parameters entered and checks the connection between user and system. The data records are stored on tape or disk. Each data record is designated as an "EVENT" and is given a name that is 4 bytes in length. COSMOS interfaces, known as "HOOKS", are implemented at selected points in the system.


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