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Fujitsu SPARC Servers

Case Study: Mizkan Group (Japan) Enhanced Fujitsu M10 Servers Featuring New SPARC64 X+ Processors Deep Analytics Big Data and Fujitsu M10

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Fujitsu M10

Business success is increasingly driven by high-performance and cost-effective IT infrastructures. Fujitsu M10 servers offer excellent solutions for IT organizations facing rapid growth while their budgets stay limited. Fujitsu M10 servers boost the efficiency and performance of mission-critical applications and databases without breaking IT budgets.

Fujitsu M10: Fujitsu M10 is sold as SPARC M10 by Fujitsu in Japan.
Fujitsu M10 and SPARC M10 are identical products.

Fujitsu M10-1

Fujitsu M10-1
Powerful entry level solution

Fujitsu M10-4

Fujitsu M10-4
Reliable computing platform in a rackable footprint

Fujitsu M10-4S

Fujitsu M10-4S
Enterprise application platform with stability, scalability and asset protection


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