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Retail Solutions from Fujitsu

Fujitsu co-creates innovative solutions with Retailers, for Retailers. Simple, straightforward and powerful.

We build solutions that help retailers do what they do best – take care of their customers whenever and wherever they choose to shop. Together with Fujitsu, we can co-create any solution you can envision for your stores and customers.

Point of Sale (POS) Software that spans three different industry platforms and approaches

  • Fujitsu Fresco™ POS for Grocery is the latest Fujitsu POS application specifically designed for Grocery offering a new choice in the marketplace
  • GlobalSTORE® software, a general retail POS application deployed worldwide with renowned stability, scalability and flexibility
  • Marketplace an enterprise cloud, true Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) POS application designed for complex channel-less global retailing

Store Application Solutions

  • Fujitsu Retail Suite (FRS) designed for deployment with Fujitsu POS applications, FRS is an essential set of back office store management, centralized returns and customer relationship and promotions management applications deployable on premises, at the enterprise or cloud.
  • Fujitsu Integro™ technology delivers real-time systems monitoring and management all in one package and fully integrated with Fujitsu POS solutions. Integro detects, records and alerts in-store staff to any system issues as they arise. Integro’s “self-healing” technology is a fully automated recovery feature that can resolve issue with minimal disruption to the store and if not, helps staff resolve the issue through embedded scripts.
  • Configuration Management an enterprise level management Configuration Management that allows the retailer to make changes to standard system configurations and even the User Interface without any recoding or external 3rd party support. Enable/disable features, add/remove buttons all through a single web interface, then package and deploy those changes using Fujitsu’s Automated Software Maintenance (ASM) tool.
  • Automated Software Management (ASM) a completely native solution and fully integrated with Fujitsu POS solutions.  ASM enables retailer to rollout software without any need for 3rd party support, services or external software. With ASM, retailers can remotely manage and verify application updates happened, rollback changes when necessary, monitor and manage rollouts across the stores from the enterprise. ASM can be used independently or in conjunction with other deployment tools used to distribute software across the enterprise.
  • Workforce Task Management one of the first ever native integration of wearable technology into a POS solution which can be deployed on-premises (server) at the enterprise or cloud and provides an integration point for other applications across the store like task management and time & attendance.
  • Digital anthropology UI/UX design business logic and screen flows are developed using a world renowned “digital anthropology” methodology focused on how human beings interact with technology in the work place (and not in a lab). Well-designed UIs that make it easier to quickly and accurately use POS and is a major factor in the overall system User Experience (UX).
  • Secure Payment Processing our design follows an “externalized” encryption and tokenization POS defense model which completely insulates the application from the 3rd party payment service provider’s connections with the PIN pad and the Authorizer’s networks. Fujitsu POS internal state objects and credit server passes transaction information only, requests card READs and receives only masked data or tokens and authorization status. Fujitsu POS has no access to PAN or Track 2 data, does not unencrypt PAN, does not accepts manual PAN entry or card swipes.
  • U-Shop delivered via a smartphone app, U-Shop provides a mobile platform for consumers to immediately purchase any retailer’s products whether in the store, a different store or on the retailer’s web-site. Transactions are seamlessly integrated for immediate payment via the app, or scanning at POS or Self-Checkout.
  • Retail Engagement Analytics a cloud platform service to monitor and measure customer and store staff behavior using sensing endpoints like Wi-Fi, camera and beacons, complete with real-time in store and enterprise reporting dashboards.
  • Interstage Retail Agility an enterprise or cloud based composite application framework to complete with business process management, business rules, master data management, automatic process discovery and analytics designed to power unified commerce.


  • U-Scan a hardware agnostic self-service checkout application with native integration to Fujitsu POS solutions, and easy to integrate to other leading POS applications.
  • Mobile Attendant designed to operate on leading hand-held mobile devices manage self-service lanes across the store keeping attendants moving and more productive.
  • Quick Service Solution (QSS) using the same self-service architecture as U-Scan, QSS designed is designed for any service counter location in the store where customers can customize and place orders.

Store Technology

  • TeamPOS delivers unmatched design, serviceability, value and flexibility whether in an All-in-One, Stacked or distributed deployment. Our newest TeamPOS 8000 solution is available in both 15” and 18.5” Projected Capacitive (P-Cap) LCD configurations and is powered by the most current and cost effective Intel CPU families.
  • Genesis II is a leading complete self-checkout solution deployed in thousands of retail stores world-wide. Genesis II features the same U-Scan software and TeamPOS hardware technologies and comes in both non-recycling and recycling note and coin configurations to meet any retailer needs.
  • Mini-Express a cashless small footprint self-checkout solution also featuring the same U-Scan software and TeamPOS hardware technologies as Genesis II and with multiple different scanning and bagging configurations.
  • Impulse our latest compact self-service terminal deployable anywhere in the store or at checkout, also features the same U-Scan software and TeamPOS hardware technologies as U-Scan and Mini-Express. Fujitsu delivers a common hardware and software platform to reduce cost and simplify management and support.
  • Cashbox Module (CBM) our closed loop Cash Box module which comes in traditional coin and note handling as well as full coin and note recycling. This closed loop system communicates natively with our POS solutions and can be fully monitored via our Integro remote management solution. This is the exactly the same technology we use on all of our SCO (Self-Checkout) systems. Cash Management is delivered through 3rd party solutions.
  • Mobility solutions whether it’s iOS, Windows or Android, Fujitsu provides best in class OEM and partner solutions for mobile handhelds, tablets, mounts, docks and scanners. It’s your choice, fully integrated, deployed and life cycle managed by Fujitsu.
  • Peripherals Fujitsu also fully integrates, delivers and supports a range of fixed and portable scanning, printing, EFT, display, biometric readers, sensors and many other peripherals from many of the top OEMs in Retail. We are hardware agnostic to help reduce cost and simplify best in class device integration and life cycle management.
  • Storage and Servers Fujitsu’s powerful Primergy and Eternus server and storage platform products extend our retail solution families from the store, to the enterprise and even our hosted private, public and hybrid cloud services. Whether it’s on-site local computing and resilience, fog/edge computing architecture or hybrid cloud, Fujitsu has the right technology and expertise to deliver any compute and storage solution strategy a retailer desires.
  • Infrastructure we work with world leaders in WAN and LAN solutions delivering Wi-Fi, switching, routing, IoT and specialized computing solutions in the store and across the enterprise. Fujitsu can source, design, deploy and support infrastructure from leading networking solutions providers from our global centers of excellence and through our certified deployment and field engineering teams across North America.

Retail Managed Services

  • Technical Support Services from data centers to stores and remote user devices, data and applications, Fujitsu employs an analytics platform to monitor, manage and predict service delivery needs all fully aligned with each retailer’s unique business requirements.
  • Service Desk a complete remote management and support operation based in the US, Canada and other locations world-wide to support retail operations 24 hours a day and in multiple languages.
  • Staging and Integration for North America, our centrally located supply chain operation center in Memphis, TN provides immediate access to intermodal transportation hubs which reduces cost and accelerates delivery of services for any enterprise, store, or end user technology projects or support.
  • Field Services supporting over thousands of stores, with hundreds of fully equipped and skilled mobile field engineers across the US and Canada today, Fujitsu provides end to end back office, enterprise and infrastructure and endpoint installation, IMAC, on-site, repair and replacement services using.

Fujitsu Point of Service application software, hardware and services are the foundation of our 50 year heritage serving over 500 retailers in 52 countries around the world. Some of the best known retail brands choose Fujitsu to help them run their stores, supply chains and their enterprise with quality and innovative IT solutions. While other Retail IT vendors have come and gone, Fujitsu’s been here, steadily focused on building solutions that deliver better overall value to retailers.

You already know that your competitors are no longer simply across the street, they are around the world. At Fujitsu, we understand that shoppers buying habits are not just different, they are also constantly changing. Through our agile development and solution “co-creation” processes, we work with our customers to plan, design and build products and services that meet their needs to compete in a new channel-less retailing world. It’s this fusion of our deep technology capabilities and our customer’s real world retail experience that’s fueling a new way to rapidly create new solutions that delivers competitive advantage.

Stores are transforming, focusing on dramatically changing the shopping experience in new and creative ways. Supply chains, fulfillment channels, and the enterprise are also transforming using cloud services, big data AI and machine learning to make better business decisions, faster. So what’s your strategy? Let Fujitsu be your partner on your digital transformation journey.

Fujitsu retail solutions are known for best in overall value and performance. Coupled with our hybrid cloud, analytics, platform and business application services, no other IT provider has as broad a span of Retail solutions and services as Fujitsu.

What's New

  • United States, Sunnyvale, CA, January 08, 2018
    Fujitsu Innovates TP8 Point-of-Sale Platform to Enable a Connected Retail Environment
    Fujitsu America, Inc. today announces the updated Fujitsu TP8™ family of All-In-One (AIO) and modular retail point-of-sale (POS) systems that leverage the latest Intel® technology to offer retailers first-class performance and seamless serviceability for high uptime and rapid processing. The refreshed, sleek TP8 AIO POS terminal and compact TP8 Modular Box POS system share key components for flexible deployment and reduced support costs to retailers, resulting in increased return on investment (ROI). A next generation POS solution, the TP8 family is aesthetically designed to easily blend with a full range of retail segments including specialty, mass merchants, department stores, drug stores, DIY and grocery. The TP8 family, along with the full line of industry-leading retail and security solutions from Fujitsu, will be featured in the Fujitsu Booth #3907 at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Center from January 14-16. For more information on Fujitsu’s presence at NRF, please visit:
  • United States, New York, NY, January 15, 2017
    Fujitsu and Samsung Showcase New Retail Software for Wearables at NRF 2017
    Fujitsu today launched an innovative software solution that creates a two-way, secure and collaborative digital communication platform between Fujitsu U-Scan® Self-Checkout (SCO) or Fujitsu Fresco™ Point-of-Sale (POS) touch-screen systems and Samsung wearable devices. Promoting an unmatched level of staff responsiveness and overall store efficiency in grocery, convenience and retail environments, the patent-pending software is being demonstrated on Samsung Gear Smartwatches, alongside the portfolio of industry-leading Fujitsu retail solutions. Booth #3905 at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Center from January 15-17.
  • United States, New York, NY, January 15, 2017
    Fujitsu Highlights New Digital Workforce Technology at NRF in Booth #3905
    Fujitsu today unveiled its first public demonstration of Fujitsu Digital Workforce, a cloud-based platform that automates repetitive, low-value tasks in order to free up staff to engage in more complex and higher priority assignments and projects. Fujitsu Digital Workforce offers organizations a number of benefits, including improved speed and consistency of tasks that are prone to human error, significant cost benefits thanks to employee workhours being used more productively, and easy implementation without the need to extensively retool existing IT infrastructure. The demonstration can be seen firsthand at booth #3905 at the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) Big Show in New York City at the Jacob K. Javits Center from January 15-17.