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Fujitsu Open Retail Solutions – Enabling retail transformation around the globe

Retail is opening up. Are you?

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. They expect retailers to know everything about them, be everywhere they are and fulfil their every desire.

How can you meet their demands while also running efficient operations, driving innovation and delivering year on year growth?

By opening up your business to a different way of working.

We call it Always Open Retail.

What is open retail?

Open Retail is an innovative commercial model. A strategy. A culture. A mindset.

It’s about being open to serve customers wherever, whenever and however they want. Co-creating shopping experiences they’ll pay for. Pay more for. Pay for more often and keep paying for.

Being open to doing business in a standardized, single-view way, while adapting to local cultures, needs and regulations.

Being open to repurposing your stores. Enabling retail innovation with new approaches to fulfillment. Integrating simple, seamless payment.

Being open to building on the retail technology you already have, evolving as you scale.

Being open to turning data into decisions, differentiators and delight.

Being open to freeing your employees to serve your customers the way that only people can.

Being open to working in partnerships within a growing ecosystem.

Being open to more imaginative, sustainable, transparent and transformative retail.

It’s a bold vision, but Open Retail can be achieved one change at a time.

Fujitsu - your retail digital transformation partner

At Fujitsu, we believe in business transformation through human transformation. Change imagined by people, enabled through technology and delivered globally, in a co-creative approach.

As a multinational business, we understand the challenge of constant change. And we’ve developed scalable digital solutions to innovate through unprecedented disruptions and achieve new levels of visibility and efficiency.

Let us help you to enable and implement innovative retail solutions that focus on customer experience first and foremost. Get in touch to co-design your retail transformation roadmap.

Welcome to being always open.

Consider yourself part of our ecosystem. From day one you can draw on our teams, expertise, partnerships, technologies and retail IT solutions to transform your business. So, what are you open to changing today?

Explore the ways in which your retail business can be always open:

Open to trade

Open to Trade

Whenever your customers shop

Open to serve

Open to Serve

Wherever your customers shop

Open to innovate

Open to Innovate

For customer-driven change

Open to operate

Open to Operate

Whatever your business needs

Fujitsu: your open retail transformation partner

Let’s solve problems, unlock value, and build purposeful, sustainable change – together.

For 50+ years, Fujitsu has collaborated with retailers to launch, run, and grow their operations everywhere in the world. Always in a co-creative partnership.

We’ll bring our Human Centric Experience Design thinking (Fujitsu HXD) to your challenges, co-developing a roadmap of digital retail solutions and services that get to the business case fast. Retail solutions like these:

Digital Store Commerce in the Cloud

Digital Store Commerce in the Cloud

Combine online, mobile and in-store shopping into a single transaction for consistent trading experiences and real-time data access.

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End to End Digital Shopping

End to End Digital Shopping

Connect your enterprise data to manage inventory, pricing, orders and payments seamlessly across stores and online.

Mobile Shopping for Online and In-store

Mobile Shopping for Online and In-store

Integrate new shopper and employee technology with your existing commerce platform through our agile toolset, API platform and microservice architecture.

Cashier-Free Store

Cashier-Free Store

Self-service solutions for the future. Shelf weight sensors, multi-camera tracking and mobile app integration allow shoppers to simply grab what they need and leave the store.

Transform your Store Operations

Transform your Store Operations, Drive Business Growth

Everything you need from Fujitsu for a consistent, replicable managed service.

Insight-Driven Retail Performance

Insight-Driven Retail Performance

Visualize trends and critical factors in your daily business, through multiple data sources.


Retail is Open - Are you?

Retailers are under constant pressure to evolve – and up until now, much of that change has been a solo effort, taking place behind closed doors. Imagine how much quicker things would move if everyone worked together, using strategic relationships and cross-industry partnerships to solve problems and explore...

Key DX trends in retail

59% plan to increase their ICT budgets in 2021

plan to increase their ICT budgets in 2021

61% are ramping up cybersecurity budgets in 2021

are ramping up cybersecurity budgets in 2021

76% agree online retailing and physical retailing are becoming closer

agree online retailing and physical retailing are becoming closer

76% agree COVID-19 has made DX imperative

agree COVID-19 has made DX imperative

Our credentials

50+ countries served

50+ countries served

40 languages spoken

40 languages spoken

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1.7+ million end users

7th largest IT provider in the world

7th largest IT provider in the world

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Global delivery capabilities

Fortune most admired company

Fortune most admired company

Meet our experts

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Doug Adams

Head of Retail, Americas , Fujitsu

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Paul Burel

Retail Services and Solutions, Fujitsu

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Tressa Klossner

Sr Retail Industry Consultant, Fujitsu