Fujitsu Market Place Retail Commerce

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Market Place Retail Commerce is a complete, packaged retail commerce solution designed for retailers to cover all aspects of Cloud enterprise retailing, supported by the packaged managed services you need to effectively run the end-to-end capability seamlessly. In addition to deploying the solution configured to your requirements, we also monitor and support, making running Market Place Retail Commerce effective and efficient.


Market Placce Retail Commerce - enabling cloud retail end to end

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Cloud deployed

Cloud deployment means reducing hardware costs with no more bulky in store till equipment and store servers. This allows the retailer business teams to deploy better looking, more mobile devices - better suited to creating a richer customer experience. Running on a cost-effective tablet or a lightweight till, the device connects to Market Place data and services hosted in the Cloud.

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Auto Cloud scalability

Fujitsu designed Market Place Cloud to support dynamic scalability, which means you can pay for what you need, as you need it. We help you find your average run rate and then Market Place can flex to add resources during peaks and then auto-scale down again when business returns to normal levels.

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Connect to enterprise data

We connect to all the other enterprise data you need to allow you to view inventory across stores and online, place and process orders anywhere, manage store-to-store transfers and home deliveries, manage your pricing effectively across your channels, manage reporting so you can easily monitor and manage performance as well as manage payments via integrated cloud payments.

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At the heart of a retail enterprise

Market Place Retail Commerce is the ultimate end to end retail enterprise Cloud solution, deployable in different ways - managing many of the complex and demanding retail processes necessary today, including end to end order management, customer management, inventory, pricing, and promos and more. When you choose to deploy Market Place Retail Commerce, it will sit in the Cloud at the heart of your retail enterprise – a critical piece in an increasingly complex retail world.

Co-create your open retail roadmap with Fujitsu

Working collaboratively with our global retail customers, Fujitsu’s mission is to make sure retail is always open.

Partnership is key to our approach.

Together, we co-creatively optimize and transform your retail business from end-to-end, enabling you to operate, trade, serve and innovate around your customers.

Our world-leading Fujitsu retail technologies have been developed using over 50+ years of retailing experience. Enhancing every aspect of digital and physical commerce - whether that’s IP, design and build, localization, integration, or running and maintenance.

Our retail experts get to the heart of your business case fast, helping you to develop a roadmap of digital retail solutions and services that will create consistently impressive customer experiences and keep shoppers coming back.

We have the global delivery capabilities to launch you wherever you want to be in the world, and the multicultural, multicurrency and multilingual expertise to make you relevant in every market you choose.

And we will stay with you once our Fujitsu retail technology solutions are successfully in place - adding value as your new retail environment evolves and grows.