Fujitsu Flexible Commerce

Fujitsu Flexible Commerce is a SaaS based Headless Commerce Solution with ready for use Apps, for store-based retailers to quickly and easily deliver new services.

Fujitsu Flexible Commerce is:


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A Headless Commerce platform for store-based retailers to deliver new services (online/ offline) quickly, flexibly, and easily.

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Front-end apps and services such as Online Delivery/ Scan & Pay/ AI Shopping Cart etc. is ready for use out-of-box.

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Based on a cloud native, REST API, and micro service architecture enables great flexibility and scalability.

Retailers need to respond to changing requirements

Retailers are always facing challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, changing consumers lifestyle / behavior / demand, and emerging technologies. These days, consumers are asking for new services such as frictionless, cashless and more personalized digital experiences. To respond to these requirements, retailers need to introduce new services in less time and cost.

Fujitsu Flexible Commerce enables Retailers to release new services quickly on flexible / scalable cloud native platforms.

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Fujitsu Flexible Commerce Overview

Online Delivery

Fujitsu Flexible Commerce provides Online Delivery services including both API Service and Mobile application (consumer app / store staff app). This enables consumers to buy grocery items from categories, by text search, from favorites, shopping list at home and either deliver it to home or pick up in store (BOPIS). The in-store staff app accepts online orders from customers, and manages orders, delivery slots and support store staff to pick & pack.

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Main Features

  • Online Order – Shop by category, text search, favorites, shopping list, barcode scan
  • Home Delivery, Store Pickup (BOPIS), auto-promotion (free delivery) for vacant delivery slots
  • Subscription Delivery – Purchase a particular item regularly
  • Loyalty points given per shopping


  • Consumers can shop on their mobile device without visiting the store, contactless shopping
  • Consumers can choose whether to be delivered or pick up at store
  • Cashless payment

Scan & Pay

Fujitsu Flexible Commerce provides Scan & Pay services which enable consumers in store to scan items and checkout on their mobile phone without waiting in long queue.

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Main Features

  • Scan items by consumer mobile device
  • Store Check-in by QR code or GPS
  • Checkout on consumer mobile device
  • Loyalty point given per shopping


  • Consumers can shop without waiting in a queue
  • Cashless payment
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Cloud Native / MSA Architecture

  1. Fujitsu Flexible Commerce PaaS services which enable quick and easy deployment (agile and low code is cloud native, consisting of the latest technologies, and leverages various development).
  2. Compliant to micro service architecture which makes the system flexible and scalable – easy to start small / quick and rollout as you go.
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Deployment / Customization / Hosting service

  1. Introducing Fujitsu Flexible Commerce does not require replacing existing systems – will tap into back-office systems and retrieve / exchange merchandise / transaction data through API.
  2. Fujitsu Flexible Commerce will be provided as a SaaS subscription service and hosting will be done by Fujitsu.

Co-create your open retail roadmap with Fujitsu

Working collaboratively with our global retail customers, Fujitsu’s mission is to make sure retail is always open.

Partnership is key to our approach.

Together, we co-creatively optimize and transform your retail business from end-to-end, enabling you to operate, trade, serve and innovate around your customers.

Our world-leading Fujitsu retail technologies have been developed using over 50+ years of retailing experience. Enhancing every aspect of digital and physical commerce - whether that’s IP, design and build, localization, integration, or running and maintenance.

Our retail experts get to the heart of your business case fast, helping you to develop a roadmap of digital retail solutions and services that will create consistently impressive customer experiences and keep shoppers coming back.

We have the global delivery capabilities to launch you wherever you want to be in the world, and the multicultural, multicurrency and multilingual expertise to make you relevant in every market you choose.

And we will stay with you once our Fujitsu retail technology solutions are successfully in place - adding value as your new retail environment evolves and grows.