Open to Innovate

Fujitsu Open Retail – Empowering retail innovation and business growth

Always open to innovation, however your customers change

Customers are always looking for the “next best thing”. And retailers used to search for it behind closed doors.

Not anymore.

Retail leaders now realize the value of partnership. Using human ingenuity to deliver human-centric experiences.

Building an ecosystem of experts who can brainstorm ideas on serving customers something different. Better. More inspiring.

We call it Always Open Retail

Retail is opening up. Are you?


With an open retail structure, there’s no secrecy or siloes. Industry innovators work together, combining their insight and expertise to solve your problems, unlock value and drive business growth.

Bring fresh eyes to existing challenges.

Navigate continual change and disruption.

Find smart, practical ways to motivate your workforce.

Make changes that improve your brand credentials and build loyal communities.

Share knowledge and best practice to keep raising the bar on customer retail experiences.

Partner with Fujitsu and we’ll build your open retail roadmap together, so you’re always open to innovate.


How retailers are investing in human-centric new technologies to drive growth

Collaborate to innovate

Together we can do so much.

Fujitsu works in partnership with retailers to build an open innovation culture. Whether you’re moving in small steps or radical shifts.

We understand retail, and we want to understand you.

Our experts will work co-creatively with your experts. Using our Human Centric Experience Design (Fujitsu HXD) methodology to collaborate across a series of structured workshops. Combining our knowledge to develop a roadmap of smart, digital solutions that deliver real benefits to your organization, colleagues and customers.

And we’ll roll up our sleeves to help you test these ideas in the retail environment. So you’re always exploring newer, better ways to run your business and serve memorable shopping experiences.

Discover how Fujitsu is re-engineering retail through our digital solutions and services

Capture by Fujitsu

Capture by Fujitsu

Track, analyze and respond to the customer journey in-real time with Capture, Fujitsu’s Drive-Thru Video Analytics solution.

Store Operations Cockpit

Data-driven store efficiency

Make smarter store decisions, from dimming the lights when nobody is in a department to monitoring when products need restocked.

Digital Annealer

Digital Annealer

Automatically optimize your business performance using quantum-inspired computing technology.

Case study

“In the future we can build an unmanned store where customers can come in and out without any authentication required.”

BGF Retail has redefined the retail store with Fujitsu PalmSecure technology to deliver state-of-the-art self-service shopping in Seoul, Korea.

Co-create your open retail roadmap with Fujitsu

Working collaboratively with our global retail customers, Fujitsu’s mission is to make sure retail is always open.

Partnership is key to our approach.

Together, we co-creatively optimize and transform your retail business from end-to-end, enabling you to operate, trade, serve and innovate around your customers.

Our world-leading Fujitsu retail technologies have been developed using over 50+ years of retailing experience. Enhancing every aspect of digital and physical commerce - whether that’s IP, design and build, localization, integration, or running and maintenance.

Our retail experts get to the heart of your business case fast, helping you to develop a roadmap of digital retail solutions and services that will create consistently impressive customer experiences and keep shoppers coming back.

We have the global delivery capabilities to launch you wherever you want to be in the world, and the multicultural, multicurrency and multilingual expertise to make you relevant in every market you choose.

And we will stay with you once our Fujitsu retail technology solutions are successfully in place - adding value as your new retail environment evolves and grows.