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Fujitsu - World Leaders in Green ICT Products

Since 1993 we’ve made sure all the products we develop undergo and uphold rigorous environmental assessments and standards. It is also in our DNA to develop the most environmentally friendly products as possible. Across their entire life cycle, from energy saving, the non-use of hazardous chemical substances to packaging and materials, we continuously strive to make sure all our products reflect environmental considerations. We also feel it’s equally important to be completely transparent about how our products perform environmentally and the standards we hold ourselves accountable to. So we’ve made information disclosure across our entire products portfolio a key priority.

As a way to further promote even greater levels of environmental performance across our products and solutions portfolio, in 1998 we established Fujitsu’s “Green Products” range. Green Products adhere to higher levels of rigorous environmental criteria and evaluation standards. Proudly, many of our products fall within this category. What’s more, in 2004 we developed an additional product classification for Fujitsu’s top environmental product or system performers called the “Super Green Products” range. Fujitsu “Super Green” products or systems have superior environmental performance features compared with others we supply or those available on the market.

Read more about our comprehensive breath of Eco-Friendly Products policies and performance criteria in the links below:

  • More Energy-Efficient Products - As ICT becomes more common in our life, an increase in energy demand is expected. Fujitsu has been working on improving the energy efficiency of its products. 
  • Resource Saving in Products - The importance of the "effective use of resources" is increasing globally. The Fujitsu Group has been working on reducing the amount of resources used in its products. 
  • Reducing Specific Chemical Substances in Products - We cooperate with our business partners in striving for strict management of chemical substances whose use is restricted by law and regulation, as well as of other potentially harmful substances. 
  • Green and Super Green Products - Our product development aims at providing "Green products" and "Super green products", products that possess the best eco-friendly features. It is our desire to realize reduction in the environmental burden caused by our customers and by society through adoption of such products. 
  • Environmental Labeling and Information Disclosure - Environmental information about our products. 
  • Disposal of IT Equipment - Responsibly dispose of your end of life Fujitsu products.
  • Leading-Edge Green ICT R&D – We are continuously creating technologies that contribute to saving energy, the use of next-generation sources of energy, and creating social innovation.