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Fujitsu’s goal is to realize a trusted Human Centric Intelligent Society. We aim to use the power of digital innovation to create social value and contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and, in doing so, solve problems for our customers and society.

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Our multi-award winning solution, co-created with the NSW government’s Saving our Species program.

We used Fujitsu’s artificial intelligence (AI) systems to analyse high-resolution images captured by specialist drones to detect endangered plant species, providing conservationists with better quality data – obtained faster, cheaper, and cleaner with Fujitsu.

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Eight questions to ask your eWaste processing partner

Electronic waste is the fastest growing waste stream in Australia & New Zealand. In landfill it’s responsible for harmful toxins leaching into soil and groundwater, and Australian eWaste has been found illegally exported to the developing world, creating health, environmental and human rights exposures. How do you know your eWaste processor is doing the right thing?

In this free guide, based on years of experience managing eWaste for some of the region’s most recognisable brands, we share what you should be asking – and how to evaluate the responses.

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SMARTer 2030: Australian Opportunity for ICT Enabled Emission Reductions


Fujitsu and Telstra’s report examines the 2015 Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), SMARTer2030: ICT Solutions for 21st Century Challenges and puts these global opportunities into the Australian context. Our report reveals that if the technologies modelled were fully adopted, that ICT can potentially support the Australian Government to surpass its carbon reduction target. SMARTer2030 also finds that in Australia:

  • ICT could generate over $AUD419 million in economic benefits in the year 2030
  • ICT provides significant environmental benefits such as increasing agricultural crop yields while reducing water and petrol use
  • E-Health can support 7 million people a year to engage with health practitioners remotely

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ICT Sustainability Benchmark

The 2014 ICT Sustainability Benchmark Report takes a critical, whole-of-system view into key areas of the ICT supply chain, from Lifecycle Management, the Data Centre, End User Computing and Metrics, to how ICT energy use is measured and managed. The document contains helpful tips, expert advice and ‘quick win’ strategies that businesses can start today to achieve both improved efficiency and competitive gains.


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Customers and stakeholders have heightened expectations about the role of business in society – taking actions on complex issues such as climate change adaptation and mitigation, environmental protection, and diversity. At the same time, technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation are entering the mainstream.
Have you considered how technology could be used to solve your businesses’ sustainability and social challenges? Or how it could be used to extend your actions beyond your organisation to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals? 
Reach out now to discuss a complimentary session in our Digital Transformation Centre to unlock new ways to solve your sustainability and social challenges – unlock the power of #DTC4SDG.

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Nicole Forrester - Head of the Office of Purpose

“In February 2021, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand launched its Office of Purpose to make a real difference through championing and driving transformative change across sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion, and social impact. Fujitsu’s purpose is to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. The Office of Purpose team is pivotal in fulfilling its ambitions and creating shared values to support our customers to achieve theirs."

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