An Overview of Data and Analytics

Fujitsu’s Data and Analytics offering applies Statistical, Machine Learning and Big Data techniques, using existing corporate and open data sources to solve specific, real-world business challenges. Through the use of data and analytics, it is made possible to drive defined business outcomes for an organisation, with greater industry and internal company insights that enable more informed decision-making.

The sequence and characteristics of Data Science

To provide you with an understanding of how Data Science works and what it can do for your business, this model shows the idealised sequence of events and characteristics of Data Science.

  • The sequence of the phases is not strict and moving back and forth between different phases as it is always required.
  • Arrows indicate most important and frequent dependencies between phases.
  • Data mining is cyclic in nature.
  • A data mining process continues after a solution has been deployed.
  • Lessons learned during the process can trigger new, often more focused business questions.
  • Subsequent data mining processes will benefit from the experiences of previous ones.

Fujitsu’s Data and Analytics offerings can be broken down into four main areas

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Data and Analytics Consulting

A Consulting engagement to assess an organisation's business challenges and the ways in which existing, corporate data, augmented with open data sources, can provide business insight that can lead to actionable outcomes.


Data Engineering

Through a detailed understanding of an organisation's data and tools, maximises the business value of corporate data, including a focus on data cleanliness, relating previously disconnected data sources, enabling better access to data for business processes, and establishing single sources of truth for an organisation, while ensuring security and data compliance requirements are met.


BI & Reporting

MS PowerBI

The use of Microsoft Power BI, through a series of defined projects, to produce interactive data visualisation over existing, corporate data sources to drive business insight.

SAP BI and Analytics

The use of SAP Business Intelligence software, through a series of defined projects, to produce data visualisation over existing, corporate data sources to drive business insight.


Analytics & Insights

Data Analysis

The application of Statistical, Machine Learning and Big Data techniques, using existing corporate and open data sources, to solve specific, real-world business challenges, and drive defined business outcomes from data insights, for an organisation.


Demystifying Data Monetisation: How your organisation can turn data into Money

  • The benefits of internal data monetisation
  • Getting started with data monetisation
  • Security should be paramount
  • Where to turn for help

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Vasanth Kandaswamy – Head of Portfolio, Data and Application Services

“Our mission for Data and Applications Portfolio is to be a leading provider of application and data & analytics services across multiple clouds, leveraging innovative technologies, tools and processes in an optimized and highly-automated fashion to address the digital challenges of our customers”

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