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FoodPro is Fujitsu’s comprehensive ERP software solution designed specifically to handle the challenges of working with seasonal, fresh product such as variable supply, shelf-life management and multiple independent units of measure.

Fujitsu’s FoodPro is an innovative and integrated ERP utilising Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. FoodPro integrates procurement, on-floor handling and financial processing into one complete system. It streamlines the entry and processing of information, providing exception condition reporting to maximise yield and quality output.

For the last 10 years we have been delivering FoodPro in Australia and New Zealand to support resolution of issues such as:

  • Matching seasonal supply and pull demand
  • Minimising or managing the production of by-products
  • Planning to produce only as much high margin fresh product that can be sold
  • Managing the issues around variable supply
  • Handling products requiring multiple independent units of measure where a carton is sold by variable weight
  • Shelf life management of product to carton level
  • Analysing production efficiency based on complicated yield calculations

Fujitsu has experience delivering a number of Dynamics specific plug-ins including for document capture, expense management and asset management. All supported by Power BI to provide you with all the necessary data insights to manage your business.



Simplicity - a user interface that ensures an easy to learn/easy to use environment for staff. Automatic transaction processing and functions such as pricing and invoicing for increased efficiency. Supply and Demand Visibility for full planned, contracted and actual supply of material, from seasonal to daily bookings.


Comprehensive FoodPro covers the full requirements for a processing plant and includes Inventory management to carton level, export sales processing, quota management and market eligibility and by-product operations.


Streamlined Effective Integration via web services to plant floor data collection. You can easily integrate with other Microsoft platform tools such as outlook, word, excel for seamless working.


Profit Margins. Comprehensive FoodPro provides a comprehensive view of costs throughout the entire production processes and transparent and flexible view of the effect of current prices on profit margins. Traceability FoodPro’s warehouse management system using the specialised Carton master provides the basis for full tracking for cost, quality and recall purposes.


You and your staff can access your business data in real time, anywhere and on multiple devices.


Your system doesn’t need to be physically installed onsite, so you don’t need to pay out on expensive hardware.


With decades of knowledge and experience behind us, our ERP team of experts are here to help you decide the functions in the solution that will best meet your requirements.

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