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Digital Infrastructure for a Connected Society

We are rapidly approaching a time when all things in society will be connected through digital touchpoints and services, where data will be utilized to deliver insights and benefits well beyond the boundaries of industries and companies. In this new connected world, a strong and resilient digital infrastructure foundation will be required for close collaboration - enabled by Hybrid IT, Multi-Cloud Services and emerging technologies such as AI. At Fujitsu, we are enabling a new future with resilient IT infrastructure that’s agile, scalable and secure. Through our core technologies and a strong partner ecosystem, we are helping to realize a global society where people, goods, and things are securely and sustainably connected in a way that solves social problems and creates new value.

Seamlessly, sustainably and securely connecting the world

Become a Hybrid Cloud Leader

Mastering the New Hybrid Work Standard

We commissioned a global research study to find out if there’s a direct connection between best practice deployment of Hybrid IT and business success. It turns out it’s a ‘key factor in building future-ready digital organizations’. Cloud leaders are empowering their organizations in four ways, by:

  • Aligning their strategies to a well-defined business-wide agenda
  • Ensuring management is committed to driving growth and reducing risk
  • Empowering talent to maximize value
  • Investing in new technologies that seamlessly support business processes at scale

Maximize the impact and value of your cloud – Fujitsu Cloud Management Service

Fujitsu Cloud Management Service powers your cloud vison and management. It comes with end-to-end management of your cloud environment, highly automated to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


How to become an adaptive organization?

Business leaders take caution: Be adaptive or be at risk

Business leaders take caution: Be adaptive or be at risk

Adaptability is no longer an aspiration it’s now fundamental to business survival.

Brad Mallard joins Megan Wright, Senior Editor at Longitude, to explore the role of rapid and sustainable transformation in enabling enterprise-wide adaptability. Listen as he gives a nod to the sectors that are getting it right.

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Organizations must rapidly evolve to deliver continuous value

Organizations must rapidly evolve to deliver continuous value

Now, more than ever, being digital to the core is vital to businesses’ adaptiveness.

Fujitsu’s Tristan Rogers explores how organizations should evolve to deliver continuous value. He joins Megan Wright, Senior Editor at Longitude, to discuss what it takes to put digital at the heart of a business - and why it’s often easier said than done.

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Fragile to Agile - Withstand uncertainty as an adaptive organization.

Becoming an Adaptive Organisation
Your guide to holistic, continuous transformation

In this guide we cover Fujitsu's view on your adaptive future. 77% of business and technology leaders believe their organizations need to react faster to market uncertainty and change. We examinie 5 key initiatives for your adaptive future plus two limiting factors that organations have exhibited that hinder adapability and future success.

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Key transformation imperatives for an adaptive future

To become an adaptive organization, your transformation must be focused key initiatives that accelerate holistic yet iterative change.

See below for insights, advice and solutions for making each of these a success.

Build Services Faster

Services Faster

Accelerate time-to-market of competitive and engaging digital services, through integrated agile development and continuous delivery.

Drive Insight and New Value

Drive Insight and New Value

Deliver new sustainable sources of value for your organization, customers and society, through digital innovation that leverages data and emerging technologies.

Optimize Cost and Agility

Optimize Cost and Agility

Reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance service through cloud-based modernization of your infrastructure & applications.

Enhance Effectiveness

Enhance Effectiveness

React and adapt quickly to market uncertainty by maximizing intelligent systems and streamlining your operational processes.

Protected Foundations

Protected Foundations

Create the future-proof digital infrastructure you need to continuously evolve, with complete confidence in the safety of your data, digital assets & critical services.


How CIO’s are leading from the front during COVID-19.

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How to get ahead of rising ransomware attacks.

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Why great security is key to the success of 5G.

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How you can cope with rising user expectations.

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Ready for the next step?

The Cloud Ambitions workshop is an effective workshop in which our experienced cloud consultants explore important bottlenecks that hinder the growth and development of your organization’s cloud journey. During the workshop, relevant cloud best practices are shared and you will already get a glimpse into new possibilities and opportunities to grow your organization.

‘The Cloud Ambitions workshop has brought us focus and has
set the right priorities for the next steps in our cloud journey’
Enterprise Architect, Shared Service Center

Co-creating Your Multi-Cloud with you and our partners:
Amazon Web Services Azure Expert Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider SAP GlobalPartner VMWare Partner

Customer Successes

From transforming some of the largest financial services and retail businesses to delivering critical national infrastructure,
find out some of the ways we have been co-creating cloud success with our customers and partners.

Why Choose Fujitsu Hybrid IT?

At Fujitsu, we utilize the power of co-creation. Working closely with organizations, we use our Human-Centric Design approach to bring to bear the power of cross-functional teams. Automation and emerging technologies are at the core of all our solutions, ensuring that you are best positioned to gain a competitive edge.

  • Globally, we work with over 10,000 customers enabling them to meet their transformation, resilience and sustainability goals.
  • We have over 5,500 certified experts across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.
  • We provide a global service and solutions portfolio from geographically distributed service delivery centers that are secure by default up to the highest security classifications.
  • In our Digital Transformation Centers, we co-create solutions that help you to overcome your specific business challenges. We implement your strategy/vision by building and operating customized solutions for industry and technology-specific requirements.
  • We are distinctly multi-cloud and base our recommendations on client preferences and requirements.
  • We understand the complexities associated with heritage IT and the capabilities of state-of-the-art cloud platforms.

Using our experience and technologies we design and deploy Hybrid IT Solutions capable of unlocking organizational growth and achieving the agility, security and innovation you need to survive in the modern digital world.

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