Enterprise 5G

Enterprise 5G

With Fujitsu Enterprise 5G, you can transform your business and gain a competitive advantage

Enterprise 5G (E5G) is rapidly becoming an essential factor in modern enterprise infrastructure - powering existing technologies and creating agile and flexible architecture.
E5G can be fully integrated with existing enterprise networks to help improve organizational competitiveness, streamline workflows, improve situational awareness, and enhance personal productivity.

What is Enterprise 5G?

A new system that enables companies to flexibly build and operate their own 5G network

Accelerating digital transformation

Dedicated Use of Enterprise 5G
  • Privately Manage Communication
  • Available During Disasters and Emergencies
  • Flexible Coverage Control

Enterprise 5G can be flexibly constructed for companies and municipalities according to their needs.
Enterprise 5G systems can be independently used in areas where telecommunication providers have not constructed public 5G service.
5G network technology delivers the freedom to offer high speed services to your customers.

Use Cases by Industry
  • High Communication Speed and Capacity
  • Extensive Simultaneous Connectivity
  • Reduced Latency

There are three main features of 5G:
-Enhanced mobile broadband
-Ultra-reliable low-latency communication
-massive Machine Type Communications
With these three features, 5G can be used in a variety of applications across all industries.

Use Cases

Use Cases by Industry

Introducing specific applications in the manufacturing industry.

Enterprise 5G Utilization

Enterprise 5G applications for advanced manufacturing

Manufacturing x Private5G

SmartPlant x Private5G

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