Trust - we've never needed it more

We are living in a world that is more connected, more globally integrated and faster paced than it has ever been. The benefits that have been brought by digital technology seem obvious and ubiquitous. But the world is increasingly becoming chaotic.

In the spaghetti-like complexity of the networked world, many of the traditional structures and institutions that we relied upon are proving inadequate or even breaking down. Governance struggles to keep pace with technology, data grows faster than it can ever possibly be controlled.

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Today we can’t tell what is true on the web. We are in the dark as to who uses our private data and where. We are seeing an increase in the damage from cyber-attacks, which now target critical social infrastructure as well. AI is advancing rapidly and being applied in many fields. But there is a growing concern about the trustworthiness of AI’s judgement and the impact of the technology on jobs. Is there any way out of the chaos?

In today’s complex world, trust has become a big challenge. Rebuilding trust is the central issue to a better future.

As a service oriented company founded on delivering strong digital technologies and as your business partner, Fujitsu wants to co-create trusted businesses and contribute to realizing a sustainable world. In this book, we lay out our thinking on how trust can be rebuilt for business and society, and what technology can make it possible.

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