Global Sustainability Transformation Survey Report 2023

External factors such as climate change, geopolitical tensions and financial turbulence are having a major impact on business. Faced with these pressures, how can business leaders transform their organizations and respond to sustainability issues?

In January 2023, Fujitsu commissioned Oxford Economics to survey 1,800 decision makers in nine countries to assess the status of their sustainability transformation activities, including how digital transformation is contributing to achieving their sustainability goals.

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In this survey, almost 70% are also setting a higher priority around sustainability. On the other hand, the survey revealed that many organizations are not yet implementing sustainability transformation.

Discover our recommendations for a successful sustainability transformation strategy on our latest report.

Four keys to successful sustainability transformation: Unleashing the power of digital

1. Leadership based on sustainability-oriented purpose

The close link between sustainability and business strategy is critical to the successful implementation of sustainability transformation.

  • 90% of sustainability leaders have formulated a sustainability-oriented purpose, created a story based on the purpose and communicated consistent messages to their various stakeholders
  • Significantly, 90% of leaders improve, exit, sell, or develop new businesses based on their purpose
We have strict considerations regarding traceability and transparency for all of our suppliers. We could integrate our organization's purpose with sustainability by ensuring product sourcing. In these considerations, we verify certificates regarding international standards.
Chief Operating Officer, Retail / wholesale, Germany (survey respondent)

2. Fostering empathy with customers and employees

Through sustainability initiatives, sustainability leaders have succeeded in attracting the empathy of customers and employees, resulting in improved business performance.

  • 98% of leaders said that their sustainability activities strongly resonate with their customers, with 82% agreeing that this resonance has increased customers’ preference for their products and brands
  • 90% of leaders said their sustainability initiatives resonate with their employees, with 88% reporting improved engagement and productivity
  • In addition, 86% of leaders are promoting employee diversity and inclusion, while 85% of leaders are developing people with the skills required for sustainability transformation
Our commitment to sustainability has helped attract and retain talents who share the company’s values and helped build a strong brand identity that consumers trust. So, this approach of focusing on environmental and social value has been a successful strategy in terms of its bottom line and reputation among stakeholders.
Director of Strategy and Innovation, Manufacturing, China (survey respondent)

3. Integrating sustainability into business

Sustainability leaders are much more active in integrating sustainability into their business than non-leaders.

  • 71% of leaders are creating new business opportunities through sustainability transformation and integrating them into business strategy
  • 80% of leaders understand the relationship between non-financial KPIs related to sustainability and financial KPIs related to business performance and successfully manage both across the organization
  • 78% of leaders are actively linking evaluation, compensation, and governance with sustainability performance
If you buy a light switch from us, you might pay a little bit more because it’s digital, it’s connectable, it’s smart, it’s green. I think that has paid dividends. We also sell consulting, we sell smart buildings, we sell EV chargers to their new EV fleet. It’s a huge commercial success for us.
VP, Government Affairs, M&A, Innovation and Sustainability, Manufacturing, France (survey respondent)

4. The twin approach of digital and sustainability

It is clear that digital transformation skills and methods are critical to the successful implementation of sustainability transformation, and that a twin approach linking both aspects together is critical.

  • 74% of leaders believe digital transformation is a key to sustainability transformation
  • 76% of leaders are creating innovative products and services by using data and digital technologies
  • 74% of leaders are transforming their processes to create their products and services
Both things go hand in hand, and one depends on the other. To take actions on sustainability or even make plans based on present and past data, we need technological tools, databases, to create meaningful and concise data which is easy to read and act upon. So, for that, we need digital transformation.
Head of Sustainability, Manufacturing, Japan (survey respondent)

To see our recommendations for business leaders and discover more insights from our survey, please download the report.

Global Sustainability Transformation Survey Report 2023
Global Sustainability Transformation Survey Report 2023
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