Manufacturing Solution FJPLEMIA/ Concurrent Design Manager

Manufacturing Solution FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager

Easy finding and repurposing part models, drawings and engineering documents/files.

FJPLEMIAConcurrent Design Manager

  • FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager is a tool for managing design data for product lifecycle management (PLM).
  • FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager provides a seamless team-based design environment for operation, regardless of scale of design environment operation size or variety type of design tools.
  • FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager improves overall business efficiency when used in combination with BOMs (bill of materials) and mockup tools.

FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager key benefits

FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager centralizes engineering processes/data/files for your team.

FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager provides access to solutions supported by our experiences with major advanced manufacturers. Fujitsu also uses FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager internally.

FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager creates time to focus on design work.

  • FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager is designed to be easy to use. So as to help users learn how to operate it within a short period of time.
  • FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager manages data link information allowing designers to focus on creative design work.
  • FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager automatically generates FJVPS data(digital production preparation simulation) to reduce designers' workloads.


FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager's flexible expandability supports company-wide and global development.

  • FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager supports multiple CAD systems. Therefore, there is no problem though different CAD systems are in use, or the same CAD systems are in use.
  • Designed to support multi-site systems, FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager enables designer to collaborate with different site member.
  • Develop add-ons using APIs to achieve easy coordination with upstream and downstream systems.
  • You can start out small and then gradually expand the system to achieve large-scale management.


FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager case study

Achieve integrated management of multiple engineering data format via one unified interface.

User companyUsage and characteristics
Fujitsu Ltd.Used at 10 branches in Japan in coordination with company BOM systems (configuration information)
Konica Minolta Inc.Used at 2 branches in Japan and 1 branch in China in coordination with company BOM systems (configuration information)
Cateye Co., Ltd.Used at 1 branch in Japan
Data delivery to production through the P/S Editor option (simple assembly configuration list)
Fujitsu Ten Ltd.
(Automotive supplier)
Used at 2 branches in Japan and 1 branch in China
The company plans to expand the system to its overseas branches (in Southeast Asia)
Precision instrument
company C
Used at 2 branches in Japan and 1 branch in China in coordination with existing BOM systems (generation of drawing frames, TIFF conversion, etc.)
Machine manufacturing
company M
Used at 2 branches in Japan and 1 branch in South Korea in coordination with company BOM systems (configuration information)

In-company practice example ; Fujitsu.LTD


  • Centralized management of design assets across multiple business sites
  • Centralized management of data from multiple types of CAD software
  • Coordination with the core PDM system


  • Promotion of coordinated design and improvement in work efficiency
  • Immediate retrieval of information and reduction in the number of maintenance man-hours
  • Company-wide information sharing and improvement in work efficiency

Retrieving configuration tree information from FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager data; editing the information using a BOM editing tool and then registering it in the core PDM system.

FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager modules

We are preparing for further more abundant product linups.


* integration for FJICAD/SX, FJICAD/MX, FJVPS, XVL, STL and so on. For more information, please contact us.

  • Server license is required to run ClientCore, Client Options, or Server Options.
  • ClientCore license is required to run Client Options.

FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager product requirement

Use this information to ensure you are always able to work with FJPLEMIA/Concurrent Design Manager supported and optimized system for hardware and operating system software.

Application Server
Database Server
Bulk Server
License Server
OSMicrosoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2016
Microsoft Windows Server 2019
CPU4Core or higher
Memory16GB or more
Database*Oracle 12c Server
Oracle 18c Server
Oracle 19c Server
Hard disk capacity36GB and more is recommended (RAID is recommended)
Client**OSMicrosoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Windows 10
CPU2.0GHz or higher
Memory1GB and more
Hard disk capacity**20MB and more is recommended

* Database Server
** Check your CAD system's product requirement as prior condition
OS and hardware requirements will be updated in the future.