COLMINA Design & Manufacturing Support
FJICAD SX is a tool specialized for machine design

We believe that the optimal 3D CAD system depends on the nature of one's design targets. FJICAD SX is a 3D CAD system developed with a focus on machine/device forms as well as design process characteristics.


Customer Benefits

FJICAD SX is equipped with a high-speed CAD engine capable of processing 3 million parts in 0.2 seconds. A single system carries out all operations required for equipment design.

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Case Study

FJICAD SX offers 2D/3D hybrid design environment.

 Line of businessCustomer benefits
Company A
(Number of employees: 32,700)
Manufacture and sale of cars, forklifts, and ships; other related business operations.FJICAD SX has accelerated the speed of 3D design of engine manufacturing equipment.
Company B
(Number of employees: 140)
Design and manufacture of press molds and tools.The full-scale 3D automatic design function has reduced design time and costs.
Company C
(Number of employees: 640)
Manufacture and sale of machine tools, semiconductor equipment, and numerical control devices for machine tools.The seamless combination of 3D/2D CAD systems has reduced delivery times and costs.

Modules of COLMINA Design & Manufacturing Support FJICAD SX

We will prepare abundant product lineups.

Mechanical Design CAD, COLMINA Design & Manufacturing Support FJICAD SX V8
Basic Modules3D2D Design Module Standard
3D2D Design Module Professional*
3D2D Design Module Meister*
Design support optionsMotion Design*
Electric Circuit Design*
Mold Design*
3D Data Conversion OptionsCATIA V5 Import*
NX I-deas Import*
PTC Creo Parametric (former Pro/E) Import*
NX Import*
JT Import*
JT Export*

* Please check with your dealer about the timing of provision of this product.
Notes #1 Either of the basic modules is a prerequisite for designing with FJICAD SX
Notes #2 Licenses can be provided as local or network licenses.

FJICAD SX data formats

FJICAD SX corresponds to a variety import/export formats.

3D File Formats
Bi-directional ConversionIGES, STEP, Parasolid, STL, JT*
ImportNX*, I-deas*, CATIA V5*, PTC Creo Parametric (former Pro/E)*
2D File Formats
Bi-directional ConversionDXF, DWG

*Indicates optional items.

FJICAD SX product requirements

Use this information to ensure you are always work with FJICAD SX supported and optimized system for hardware and operating system software.

that has been localized for the following languages is supported.
- Languages
  English, Japanese, Korean,
  Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional)
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Enterprise, Pro for Workstations, Pro
    (32-bit version / 64-bit version)

  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • Enterprise, Pro for Workstations, Pro
    (32-bit version / 64-bit version)
MachineFujitsu CELSIUS series, ESPRIMO series, LIFEBOOK series, other Windows machines
CPUIntel processor , 1.0GHz or higher
Memory2.0GB or more
Storage Area5.0GB or more
Graphics AcceleratorNVIDIA Quadro graphics boards*1 or Intel Graphics
Click here for details.*2
DisplayResolution of 1280 × 1024 or higher
Network License Server*3
that has been localized for the following languages is supported.
- Languages
  English, Japanese, Korean,
  Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional)
Windows Server 2022
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
(32-bit version / 64-bit version)
CPUIntel processor , 1.0GHz or higher
Memory1.0GB or more
Storage Area0.1GB or more

*1 Recommended when operating large-scale 3D models.
*2 When using some graphics accelerators and drivers, there may be some problems with display.
Ensure that you check the operation status at the following URL (Japanese Only) , and prepare your graphics accelerator and drivers.
*3 Network license servers can also be operated with OSs that support FJICAD SX.
Note #1 Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. #2 Company names and product names in this document are registered or unregistered trademarks of their respective companies. #3 Statements and images in this document may not be used or copied without permission. #4 Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.