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Make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation

Given the requirement to enhance sustainability-focused corporate management, fulfilling corporate social responsibility from a global perspective has become an increasingly important issue. The Fujitsu Platform Business promotes its Sustainability activities based on the Fujitsu Way. Fujitsu takes care to operate responsibly at every stage of the product’s lifecycle.

The building blocks

As a global organisation, we are incredibly diligent of the environment during our product design, manufacture, distribution, and beyond. The building blocks of our product sustainability strategy are:

responsible product design
Responsible product design
Fujitsu understands the importance of reducing reliance on virgin plastics, and increasing the share of recycled or biodegradable materials. For example, our new ESPRIMO G9012 contains up to 50% postconsumer recycled plastic materials by weight and our full-size device ports as standard reduce the demand for supplementary plastic dongles.
limitation of harmful substances
Limitation of harmful substances
Fujitsu takes the responsibility of protecting people and planet from hazardous substances very seriously. We were one of the earliest companies to eliminate ozone-depleting substances such as chloro-fluorocarbons from our supply chain. We have also installed activated carbon absorption treatment equipment at our manufacturing facilities to reduce our atmospheric emissions of organic solvent vapours.
limitation of harmful substances
Ethical supply chain and human rights
Supply chain transparency is a high priority topic in the IT industry. We externally publish our conflict minerals policy, which details the process we take to eradicate harmful behaviour in our supply chain. The Fujitsu Group aims to obtain a gold level of site recognition under the RBA Audit Recognition program or equivalent for 100% of our subcontractors and suppliers by FY23.
Lower carbon logistics
Lower carbon logistics
We publish our well-to-wheel Product transportation greenhouse gas emissions and Independent Assurance Report externally. In FY20, greenhouse gas emissions from Fujitsu facilities reduced by 24% compared to FY13. In our efforts to continually improve, Fujitsu also aims to use 40% renewable energy throughout global sites by 2030, and 100% by 2050.
ethical supply chain and human rights
Eco friendly packaging
Fujitsu uses bio-based materials for the majority of its product packaging and has recently eliminated plastic cushions from our LIFEBOOK and Display packaging. On average, around 90% of Fujitsu’s laptop packaging material comes from recycled sources. We also offer bulk packaging options to further avoid unnecessary packaging waste.
All PRIMERGY server hardware and components are shipped with the product completely assembled in our factories to avoid unnecessary packaging materials. Server components may be shipped in separate packages if a configuration is too heavy for a single package.
lower carbon logistics
Energy efficient performance
Fujitsu are committed to transparency and aggressive target setting for our product energy performance. To ensure transparency we regularly publish the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) of our products. We are also proud to say that 37 of the 140 world records we have won for our server products during the past 5 years relate to energy efficiency.
circular economy, waste and recycling
Circular economy, waste and recycling
To avoid premature obsolescence, we design our products with easily accessible service hatches and guarantee spare parts availability for 5 years after the retirement of the product - which support an extended product lifecycle and keep devices out of the landfill. We also provide thorough material labelling and offer certified take-back and recycling schemes in line with the EU WEEE directive.
industry certification and eco labels
Industry certification and eco labels
To support our customers in making green procurement choices, we work to ensure our products are certified with eco certification such as Energy Star, TCO and EPEAT. This ensures that we have been independently assessed and verified in regards to energy performance, postconsumer materials, packaging, human rights, corporate ESG performance, and more.

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In response to the challenges posed by climate change, last year signalled a shift within the global community toward carbon neutrality by 2050. In addition to national and local governments, many companies also set targets for emission reductions. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered the uptake of digitalization at a much faster pace than predicted, which led to significant changes for business and in the daily lifestyles and attitudes of people.…

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Fujitsu has set out Fujitsu Purpose to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation and renewed the Fujitsu Way for every person in the Group to act with Our Purpose.

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