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Fujitsu Platform Business: Sustainable data center product portfolio

Building a sustainable world means increasing transparency to our customers. Therefore, we provide our latest corporate audits and additional insights on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability including the sustainable data architecture of our data center product portfolio.

Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Recyclability Assessment

Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Recyclability Assessment

Billions of devices are coming online, and the growth is causing enterprises to hit resource limitations. Building a sustainable future is one of our core values. This also includes developing environmentally friendly products that are almost completely reusable.

PRIMERGY Responsible Mineral Sourcing

PRIMERGY responsible mineral sourcing

Fujitsu ensures responsible operations in its supply chain by following Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) and by using the Responsible Minerals Assurance Process (RMAP).

Driving sustainability in the data center with Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems

Driving sustainability in the data center with Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems

Learn how PRIMEFLEX integrated systems from Fujitsu help IT operations to introduce a more efficient infrastructure – regardless of whether deployed in the core data center or at the edge.

More than an option

More than an option

Get to know how Fujitsu’s on-premise as-a-service solution helps organizations in achieving their individual sustainability goals. Fujitsu uSCALE the business model designed for sustainability.

User survey: The politics and practicalities of sustainable IT

Sustainability has been part of IT’s remit for many years, and experience tells us that success in this area depends as much on effective management of the people and politics as it does on technology and smart delivery. Against this backdrop, the analyst firm FreeForm Dynamics collected insights from 155 high-ranking IT leaders on progress to date, lessons learned and priorities for the future.

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Greenhouse gas emissions in Fujitsu product transportation

Select a report to find out more about greenhouse gas emissions in Fujitsu's product transportation:

global vision

Assessment of Greenhouse gas emissions in product transportation

global vision

KPMG Independent Assurance Report

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