Data Center Interconnect

Connecting the Engines of the Internet

Simplicity, Scalability, efficiency-and Economy

Data centers and cloud services are the heart of digital transformation. The content-rich, self-service, on-demand multimedia network consumes, creates, and transmits staggering amount of data, all of it stored in data centers. Traffic continues to grow year-over-year and the networks connecting these vast data engines must withstand nonstop demand and massive volume.

The needs of data center operators and cloud providers differ significantly from those of communication service providers. Data center and cloud networks prioritize simplicity, scalability and efficiency, to address constant downward pressure on capital and operating costs.

Data Center Interconnect (DCI) solutions from Fujitsu deliver the economy, speed, capacity, and reach needed for high-volume, high-integrity transport between data centers.

Why Your Mission-Critical Data Deserves Hyperscale Transport

  • Flexibility

    • Scale data capacity as needed to meet growing demand
    • Expand at your own pace with pay-as-you-grow approach
    • Speed deployment with automated plug-and-play configuration
  • Efficiency

    • Reduce both capital outlay and operating costs
    • Optimize fiber capacity, power efficiency and density for maximum ROI
    • Simplify and automate operations
  • Reliability

    • Redundant architecture is purpose-built for demanding DCI networks
    • Solutions offer the highest level of secure communications to protect data

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