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Data Center Interconnect

Data Center Connectivity

Optimized Solutions for Data Center Interconnect (DCI)

5G fixed and mobile applications, Cloud-enabled services, and enterprise digital transformation are demanding more and more bandwidth. In response, data center networks are expanding in number and capacity, driving the need for higher-speed data center interconnect (DCI) solutions. Most operators have already adopted 100G and will quickly transition to 400G and beyond.

This need for more throughput between data centers requires an efficient, simple, scalable optical transport platform. The Fujitsu DCI solution, based on the 1FINITY™ disaggregated network platform, has a simple plug-and-play configuration and pay-as-you-grow approach that lowers initial investment and operating costs. The innovative 1RU blades enable agile development and provide increased rack space utilization. An open architecture enables programmability and automation for ease of use and integration into existing OSS/BSS systems.

Solution Elements

The Fujitsu DCI solution combines 1FINITY Transport and Lambda blades with the Virtuora network control software solution.

1FINITY Transport Blades

  • The 1FINITY Transport platform provides maximum fiber capacity, power efficiency and density in a compact form factor designed for the operational environments of data centers. The next-generation 1FINITY T600 is a 2.4 Tbps universal transponder with discrete line-side optics supporting up to 600G wavelengths. The T600 maintains the same features as the T100 (listed below), but with larger capacity and long-haul reach, the platform offers reduced cost and power factors per 100G.
  • The 1FINITY T400 is a layer 1 aggregator that supports 100 × 10 GbE client interfaces. The platform is optimized for hyper-dense aggregation and connects to another 1FINITY T-series blade with 100 GbE client ports for coherent transport.
  • The 1FINITY T100 is an 800 Gbps compact transponder that delivers 100G or 200G coherent optical transport in metro DCI applications. In addition to Layer 1 encryption, the T100 offers zero-touch provisioning, LLDP snooping, Ethernet remote monitoring and streaming telemetry. Linux-based software offers multiple management protocols and redundant AC/DC power makes the T100 purpose-built for DCI.

1FINITY Lambda Blades (L100 Series)

For mesh architectures, the 1FINITY Lambda platform provides flexible ROADM functionality, supporting up to 8-degree CD-ROADM nodes, and inline amplification for longer reach between nodes.

  • The 1FINITY L100 is a twin 1 × 9 WSS ROADM-on-a-blade that serves as a flexible bandwidth multiplexer in point-to-point applications or supports up to 128 clients in a 4-degree ROADM node.
  • The 1FINITY L110 is an optical channel management blade for add/drop of up to 32 DWDM channels into the ROADM.
  • The 1FINITY L120 is an expansion WSS blade for supporting ROADM nodes beyond four degrees.
  • The 1FINITY L200 is a bidirectional inline amplifier (ILA) that can be cascaded to support long ROADM spans.

Virtuora® Network Control Solution

The Fujitsu Virtuora Network Control Solution is part of the Virtuora Ecosystem, an open-standards-based software framework that supports the control and management of the modern network.

Solution Benefits

  • Maximum fiber capacity, power efficiency and density
  • Plug-and-play configuration
  • Pay-as-you-grow approach
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Programmability and automation

Solution Applications

  • Metro, regional and long-haul DCI
  • Access peering
  • Remote router access
  • Dual peering with a shared router
  • Submarine DCI

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