Fujitsu SPARC Servers Roadmap

SPARC Servers: Roadmap

Fujitsu's history of UNIX started with mainframe in 1985 – the UNIX OS called UTS/M ran on Fujitsu mainframe. Six years later, it launched its first UNIX server called DS/90 7000. Since that time Fujitsu has been creating innovative technologies for UNIX servers.

Toward digital infrastructure platform to realize DX


As Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry pointed out in its DX Report as the “2025 Digital Cliff,” enterprise business competitiveness and sustainable management will be challenged unless reviewing the existing mission critical systems, called legacy systems, that are considered to be an obstacle to customers‘ DX and promote the use of information technology.
To accelerate DX, require the simplification of complex existing mission critical systems and the advanced utilization of information.
With those understanding above, it is necessary to promote consistent modernization of mission critical systems with an awareness of the technology life cycle.

Fujitsu vision for providing IT infrastructure

Fujitsu proposes Hybrid IT which is a part of Fujitsu Uvance which creates added value by connecting all kinds of data and services for sustainable management of customers.
As part of this effort, Fujitsu works on a cloud shift from mainframes and UNIX servers.
Fujitsu will discontinue mainframes sales in fiscal 2030 (*) and support services in fiscal 2035, and UNIX servers sales in fiscal 2029 and support services in fiscal 2034 to promote customer modernization and to ensure sufficient consideration and transition period.


Fujitsu is going to continue Fujitsu SPARC M12 server sales until the end of August 2029 (last shipment date: end of November 2029) and support services until the end of November 2034.

(*) Fujitsu's fiscal year ends on March 31 every year.