ISC High Performance 2021 Digital

ISC High Performance 2021 Digital is an event focused on "HPC" (high performance computing), machine learning, and data analytics.
Fujitsu showcases its newest HPC solutions and platforms annually at this event, as well as informative and interesting talks and updates.



Conference Name ISC High Performance 2021 Digital
Dates June 24 - July 2, 2021
Fujitsu Booth at ISC 2021 Digital

ISC2021 Digital Highlights

Fujitsu highlights its game-changing supercomputer systems, defined by the supercomputer Fugaku jointly developed by Fujitsu and RIKEN that became the world’s fastest in 2020. Capping its many achievements Fugaku has recently been used to transform cancer research, by combining its considerable computation speed with Fujitsu's Explainable AI technology, delivering real-world impact.
This merging of simulation with analytics is one area in which we can help businesses on their digital transformation journey. Fujitsu's structured Data-Driven Transformation co-creation process brings the framework and tools to help organisations capitalise on the huge value hidden in their data.
Software is critical in delivering this transformation, notably through data science and machine learning. And our Augmented Engineering Gateway is one example of how such industrialised solutions can deliver human-centric innovation.

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